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Working of Radar, features of the WeatherBug

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Working of Radar, features of the WeatherBug

admin May 12, 2017

What is Radar?

Radar is a device for determining the presence and location of an object by measuring the time for the echo of a radio wave to return from it and the direction from which it returns.

How they work on the weather forecast?

Radar, it consists of transmitters and receivers. Transmitters discharge pulses of microwaves. Precipitation collects these discharged microwaves and they send some energy back to the transmitter. It is detected by the radar.

How does it work on the application?

The radar app turns the phone itself into the radar detector.
Radar is the radio based technology. It works on the smartphones by WiFi and Bluetooth.

The best weather app is the WeatherBug. It provides the accurate weather forecast and accurate weather radar.

The phone catches your location and it offers you the accurate weather forecast.

It is having interactive map, with personal lightning detector.
It provides you safety with the fastest alert about the weather.

This app is offered by the EARTH NETWORK. It was already reached more than 1 million installs. Its rating in the play store is 4.5 star. The size of the application in apple store is 101 MB.

It also provides Radar for many international locations. It also offers you forecast for 2.6 million locations worldwide.

It also provides you with the features like:

Local pollen details: helps you to know about the local and international pollen data.

Weather widgets

Hurricane setting

Real time traffic condition

Detailed weather forecast

You can also get to know about the forecast through satellites.

You can also customize the settings. It offers you with multi language support, local setting, temperature unit. By using this app you are connected to the world largest professional weather network. By appy awards it is awarded as the world best weather app in 2016.


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