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Why Is LinkedIn So Important ?

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Why Is LinkedIn So Important ?

admin December 21, 2013

LinkedIn is a social networking website aimed at people in professional occupations. It is primarily used for professional networking. LinkedIn has about 260 million registered users in over 200 countries and is available in about 20 languages.

A registered user on LinkedIn creates a profile with details about his or her education, work experience, and skills and competencies. A user can create a network of people from school, co-workers and people within his or her profession.

There are several types of membership. The free membership gives most users all they need from the service, but does restrict various search options and other features. The higher the level of membership that is bought, the more can be done with the information kept by LinkedIn. For example, the lowest paid membership level, “Business”, allows you to read the full profile of all of the people in your network.

Businesses can create company profile pages to introduce themselves to the community. LinkedIn allows businesses to list products and services on company profile pages. It permits LinkedIn members to “recommend” products and services, and write reviews.  Businesses can also use LinkedIn to search for suitably-qualified people to fill job openings, and get recommendations from contacts the employer trusts.

One aim of LinkedIn is to allow registered users to maintain a list of the contact information for people with whom they have some kind of relationship. The list is referred to as a user’s Connections. Registered users can invite other users to become connections, and also encourage non-users to join LinkedIn to become connections.  The list of connections can be used in a number of ways:

  • A contact network is built up consisting of direct connections, the connections of each of these connections (these are called “second-degree” connections) and connections of second-degree connections (or “third-degree” connections). You can use this network to gain introductions to people you wish to contact via mutual contacts.

  • Users can document their CV/resume (work history, skills and competencies). Users can endorse others’ skills, if appropriate, and/or write recommendations for current or former work colleagues.

  • A user’s online CV/resume can be used to find jobs and business opportunities recommended by someone in the contact network.

  • Job seekers can read profiles of managers actively hiring staff, and find out if they have mutual contacts who can introduce them.

  • Users can keep in touch with people within a network and always have updated information about their current occupation.

  • A user can be introduced to an employer or business associate of choice, via a networked contact.

  • A user can find contacts from a company where he or she might like to work, and find information about the work environment and business culture.

  • Users can post their own photos and view photos of others to aid in identification.

  • Users can follow different companies and can get notification about the new staff joining them and new job openings as they become available.

  • Users can save (that is, “bookmark”) jobs that they would like to apply for.

  • Users can “like” other users’ updates and “congratulate” them about new employment or promotions.

  • Users can see who has visited their profile page.

  • Employers can list job openings, and search for potential candidates.

LinkedIn supports the creation of interest groups, which can be used as discussion forums by members with common interests in a particular subject. There are over a million groups on LinkedIn and some have thousands of members. The majority of groups discuss employment, professional, and career issues.

As you can see, LinkedIn offers a lot of benefits to both business professionals and companies.

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