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Which Device to Buy: Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One

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Which Device to Buy: Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One

admin May 7, 2013


Design: The HTC One has got a dazzling look if we compare it with Samsung Galaxy S4. I would definitely say that the HTC One is the best designed Android device ever. This smart phone is made of more premium materials and is designed wonderfully.

It sports an aluminum unibody casing with a polycarbonate frame at the sides and accents at the back. This handset has got rounded corners and chamfered edges. It has got such a size and weight that it is not uncomfortable to hold. It has got solid built yet not too heavy.

This smart phone is thin yet comfortable to hold while Samsung Galaxy S4 is almost made of plastic and fake chrome which makes one uncomfortable to hold. Samsung managed to fit a 5-inch screen and bigger battery into the same chassis as the Samsung Galaxy S3. The Galaxy S4 has got a removable panel, where one can get access to the battery and microSD card. This, however, you will not benefit in the HTC One.

Software: The Galaxy S4 has got TouchWiz user interface. However, it is devoid of style while HTC One has got heavy Sense UI which is much appreciable. However, it has got limited appeal. Sense UI will be more useful for the news feed and the internet.

Display: The HTC One has got 4.7 inch screen while the Galaxy S4 has got bigger screen of 4.99 inch. However, although the HTC One has got smaller screen, it gives higher pixel of 469 pixels per inch while the Galaxy S4 has got 441 pixels per inch. This means that, technically, the HTC One is sharper and has got more clarity. Also, the HTC One has got Corning Gorilla Glass 2 while the Galaxy S4 has got the new Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

Also, the display of the HTC One is brighter and has a more accurate color profile too.

Camera: The Galaxy S4 has got 13 megapixel rear camera which gives out best in good lighting conditions. However, in low light conditions, it does not do well.

The HTC One has got 4 megapixel Ultra Pixel sensors which excels in low light conditions. However, I cannot say that it has got best camera, it’s just good enough.

Battery: The Galaxy S4 has got whopping of 2,600 mAh battery. So, you will get few extra hours of talking hours than the HTC One. It has got a removable back panel and an interchangeable battery.

Performance: Both the smart phones have got the same generation Snapdragon processor. The Galaxy S4 chipset runs at a higher 1.9 GHz clock speed while the HTC One runs at 1.6 GHz clock speed. Also, the Galaxy S4 beats the HTC One on both the CPU and RAM fronts.

So, who won? When it comes to features, the HTC One comes ahead of the Galaxy S4. If you are strongly against using the Sense UI then you can definitely root the handset and can go for Android operating system on it.

Author Bio: This guest article has been composed by Christy Root who works for PrePayMania and, who writes Guest Articles, Press Releases for Mobile Phones like big button mobile phone. She loves to update herself with different mobile technologies.


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