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What edge compTIA CTP certification provides to professionals in 2013??


What edge compTIA CTP certification provides to professionals in 2013??

admin February 5, 2013

CompTIA CTP+ certificate or the convergence technologies professional certification program is designed to empower individuals by providing them with a chance to showcase their knowledge on networking, hardware and software basics. It offers a common platform for all convergence professionals where they can exhibit their aptitude for network planning, video and voice over services, troubleshooting, coding and decoding etc.

CTP+ helps CompTIA to keep up to the education standards designed for the entire IT industry. Several companies these days are using CmpTIA CTP + Exam like Toshiba and Nortel. With CTP+, advancement to CTP, certified professional mastered in basic telecommunication, basic data communications like fibre optics technology, packet switching, computer technology integration (CTI), local area networking, broadband technologies and voice over techniques.

Recent changes in the certification

  • Unlike before 2010, the certificate is valid  only for three years and not for a lifetime, needs timely renewal
  • Unlike before 2012 when it concentrated more on programming, desktop support, windows administration and application, certificate holders nowadays specialize in networking and securities, keeping in mind the changes. Healthcare IT, cloud essentials, advanced security practices and storage techniques are recent topics being ventured with as a probable addition in the certification.
  • Focuses mainly on market demand, helps content developers and education providers to get the edge over others with E2C and CAPP program of CompTIA.
  • The new network+ and A+ aims have changed, though their detailed changes are due for release in 2013.
  • Test Pattern has changed. The A+ exam has added ability and performance based questions, with mobile apps being launched to guide the people about various updates. Also a series of competency levels have been added in the new pattern.

An aspirant gets about six to nine months for preparation for A+ exams. The compTIA is making certain changes keeping eye on the industry demands to retain the value of the certificates it provides.

Details of validity of the certificate

A compTIA CTP + certificate CN0-201 Exam is no longer has a lifetime validity. Holders will have to renew them every three years. Fresh aspirant and holders both need to take the exam. Discussions are going on whether to keep the same set of questions for both categories.

A CEU (continuing certification) is required for holders wanting to renew their certificates.  It has three categories- the A+ with 20 CEUs, the network + with 30 CEUs, the security + with 50 CEUs.

Though debates are still on as to what is more effective a lifelong validity or renewal programs, aspirants must keep updating themselves about all changes hitting consumer demands, consumption patterns and latest technologies. It is less of theory and more on practical implications.

Why the changes in the certification??

Big IT organizations demand recertification in order to make professionals up to date with recent technologies and innovations. It is a must for recruiters to cater to market demands and thus even hired certificate holders need to take the test every three years from 2013 onwards to prove their validity and knowledge base!


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