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Using Analytics to optimize your YouTube marketing Efforts

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Using Analytics to optimize your YouTube marketing Efforts

admin May 25, 2013

Recent months have witnessed that YouTube is consistently trying hard to improve their analytics. The latest platform offered by YouTube is much more robust and is proving to be highly useful while assessing the campaign and channel’s overall performance. The best part about using Analytics is that you can utilize it to plan your future strategies and you can also create an audio-video content that is more meaningful and offers a broader horizon to target your audiences in a much better and advanced manner. Using Analytics To Optimize Your YouTube Marketing Efforts

  • The first and the foremost step is the need to have a clear understanding of the User’s mind and who they are. If you are creating content for the local audience then make sure it reaches out to every local person who is trying to use YouTube.
  • With the help of Analytics, you can also check the trend and category of users that are using YouTube. If we talk about the category, we mean to say that male VS female ratio.
  • After analyzing the entire data you can create a content that garners more and more repeat viewers, because only then you will be able to increase the traffic.
  • Try to introduce the dominant device usage concept and tailor made your promotional strategies and videos.
  • There is another tool that you can utilize and that is the Demographics button under the overview heading. This step helps you to have a clear-cut understanding about the actual viewers.
  • In case you want to plan the content strategy that is based on most active and common type of device, being used also called as engagement per device then you can take help of the devices report list that is quite useful in determining the device’s average view duration.
  • With the help of Analytics, you can also find out the traffic source that has the maximum viewership. You can use this type of crucial data to improve the channel Meta data and odds of having the most viewed up search on YouTube.
  • The best part about Analytics is that you can contact external websites that are showing your videos and you can tell them to promote your content more.
  • You can also review your subscription numbers, homepage feeds, and how their numbers are affected by different videos. In order to access the information you can make use of the traffic sources or the playback location reports that are published under reports section and can be easily viewed.
  • One of the unique features offered by Analytics is that you can interact with your viewers and can come to know that how engaging your content is for them.

With so many unique features, SEO India Agency and useful statistics you can easily increase the traffic for the content that you have posted and moreover you can also analyze the entire set of details by sitting in front of computer and easily modify according to the requirement. Raj Kumar Mishra is niche writer and blogger. He is currently working for SEO India Agency.


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