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Top Android Applications for Time Management

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Top Android Applications for Time Management

admin October 1, 2013

As we all know that Time is Money as well as most precious commodities for today’s busy life and time management is really important for your work success as well as your daily life, all the people so far use pen and paper for time management instead of that there are great apps are available in market for time management for your smart phone with these all apps your time management is very easy and useful for To-Do-Lists.

If you really excited to manage your time then your smartphone is really working like charm for better time management, maintain high quality work, save time, lower cost and increase overall your productivity, there are number of time management apps are available in Google play store for your android smartphone.

You can check out our list of best android apps for time management, hopefully you find something new and helpful here too!

1. Locus:-

It’s happens you ever been late for some meeting because you ware too far away when your calendar reminder went off? Then you should use Locus, Because Locus Solves this problem! Instead of notifying you your time before next event, it’ll check Your location and alert once it is the last time to depart for future meeting, therefore you’ll be able to get there in time and it’s Working even if your GPS is disabled


This is one of best app for to-do lists, easy to use, quick collector of misc. notes. Just write down whatever you want do and whatever to your mind. Completed with it? Just check it off. Simple as that. Notes and checklists.  You can set reminder for any notes of to-do lists and receive notification when time is arrives. you can also set password protection and sync with your Google Docs accounts as well, MobisleNotes allows tags, due-dates, categories, project, font-styling, notes on the notes and what-not. You can share notes with anyone and keeping them updated as you edit them.

3. PlanMyDay:-

PlanMyDay is an easy to use time management application to plan out all the activities, you want to do for today, PlanMyDay is more than just a task manager, because it allows to plan and it’s prioritize.

Each of tasks get associated a duration and other features associated. Then all tasks can ordered by its importance, simply you can changing the order, this allows at any time an overview, for which tasks can be done in which time frame. you can also check for the which current task is running, so you have get in touch about your current tasks for how much time is left for the today’s tasks

4. 30/30

30/30 will help you, if you can’t manage your time and do not spending enough time on other tasks.

30/30 app provides you to add and set up your tasks and you can also set time length of each task, start the timer and focus on the job at hand. The timer will suggest you to know when you need to move on the next task.

5. Any.do

Any.do will helping you to remember all the tasks that you want to do and also make sure they get them done. Simply you need to do add a time based reminder for the things you want to do and Any.do will remind you at the right time, you can also try some repeat options. Any.do provides lots of features and benefits as well like Google Task Sync, Alerts,Repeating / Recurring Tasks, Seamless cloud sync,

Gesture support & much more! most useful key feature provide by Any.do is you just want to speak what you want to do and Any.do will automatically convert all your words into text in almost all the languages instead of typing. You can also Drag & Drop to your plan agenda, swipe off a task to mark it as complete and shake your android to clear your completed tasks

These are our lists for time management apps but there are also lots of time management and productivity applications out there  and its different for everyone, but what do you think ?let us know about it and also know about that if we missed any apps you think by posting a comment below !

Author Bio: – The above informative article is written by Piyush, who work with Aegisisc Software as an application developer – An IT Company offers Outsource android development from India. Piyush writes in his free time and share his knowledge about the important and useful android apps.


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