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Top 6 Free Call and Text apps for Smartphones

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Top 6 Free Call and Text apps for Smartphones

admin January 20, 2014

Smartphone today have the best computing, communicating and connectivity feature. With the invention of Smartphone some or the other way we save good amount of money due to great offers. It comes with so many free apps that are helpful on a daily basis like business apps, shopping, booking tickets online etc. Above this there are free calling and texting apps also available that will help you to save money on phone calls and SMS. Such apps are gravitating these days. Every Smartphone user sign up on these apps and take great advantage of these freemium apps. Have a look below at the top 6 list of Free Call and Text apps and add coins in your piggy bank.

Viber : -Viber is the most famous and top apps for free calling and texting. It allows you to text, send images, videos to anyone using the same app. Viber app was first available only on Android and iOS, but with the growing popularity, it is now available on every Smartphone today-Blackberry and Windows. Once you sign up with your mobile no. It finds all the contacts of your phone list using Viber and then you can easily connect with your friends.

Line :- LINE is the newest app among all these top apps. Line app is an app developed by the Japanese company some months back. This app allows you to make free text, voice calls, video calls and share free sticker. Today the app has gained much fame and is used by more than 320 million users worldwide, over 230 countries. You can keep yourself updated using the timeline and know the same about your friends too. This messenger will allow adding text files, images, long videos and movies, fascinating stickers and location info.

Skype :- Skype is another name of “video calling”. It is the most famous app for free video calling over the internet till today. Skype can be easily downloaded from your respective Smartphone store for free. Skype is the free premium quality app developed by the leading Company “Microsoft” released in 2003. Keep Connected and Say hello to all your friends and family with Skype and join among with millions of people.

Textplus Free Text + Calls :- Textplus is a super new app to send free text worldwide. It is a nice recommend app for the both phone and tablet users. The navigation and design if the app is simple. It also allows you to make cheap call worldwide and free calls to other Textplus users. All you need is a good Wi-Fi connection or 3G Data plan for good voice transparency.

Tango :- Tango app lets you to connect with your friends and family using the same Tango app. It allows easy communication with all the near ones same like the other social networking apps. Tango is available for free to download. Download the app and sign up. Tango will automatically find your friends using Tango with the help of your contact list. You can group chat with up to 50 friends and sharing fun animated stickers, play games and edit and send the photos.

WeChat app :-WeChat app allows you the same feature of letting you to you make free text, voice calls and messages, and video call from your Smartphone. You can instant message with friends, group chats and send animated smiley (emojiis) too. This app makes your Smartphone similar like a walkie-talkie and connects you to up to 40 friends at one time. It works like a social networking site where you can like, comment and share pictures with your friends and circles.

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