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Top 5 Keyloggers for Windows

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Top 5 Keyloggers for Windows

admin November 6, 2013

Keyloggers can be used for a variety of purposes. For digital felons, they provide a way to infiltrate the target system and steal sensitive information. For parents, they are tools which help ensure the safety of their kids. Employers use them for surveillance to identify loopholes and prevent leakage of trade secrets to competitors. Here’s a look at some of the most frequently used keyloggers:

1. All in One Keylogger

All In One Keylogger is superbly concealed and highly functional monitoring software. Very easy to install and use, it has a simple interface and offers reporting options in 12 languages. The whole software is password protected with easy step-by-step instructions for every application.
Some of the most noteworthy attributes of All in One are:

  • The software offers great log-transfer options
  • The software works under total invisibility
  • Comes with the feature of  “sound recording”, which is not common in most PC monitoring programs
  • Offers great visual surveillance with clear recording of logon/logoff time
  • Kicks into parental control mode whenever it registers keywords from a pre-specified list
  • Ability to intercept URLs in all the browsers
  • Easily intercepts Skype chat sessions and makes screenshots of active windows, only

2. Mobistealth

Mobistealth is a powerful and an easy-to-use system monitoring software which works in complete stealth mode. Once installed, it will record all the activities carried out on the system and send detailed updates to the user’s online account.

The tool boasts of a highly user-friendly interface and a neatly categorized control panel which provides all the recorded information in an uncluttered manner.

3. Spytech Spy Agent Standard Edition

Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition is, not only, very functional, but  very flexible too . One does not need to be highly tech-savvy to install or use this program. In fact, most consider this to be one of the best Windows keyloggers to date.

Spytech’s biggest advantage is that it has great filtration functionality. The update on the system activity can be viewed in a number of ways according to groups, dates, time, specific names, etc. It offers just as many options where viewing log files are concerned. These can be transferred using three basic means, namely, email, LAN and FTP. The program stealth for Spytech Spy Agent Standard Edition is mid-level.

Spytech SpyAgent is able to intercept both sides of Yahoo and ICQ messengers, but only one side of conversations in Skype and AIM. However, it does not record mouse clicks, system logon times and passwords.

4. StaffCop Standard 5.3 Review

StaffCop Standard is the ideal monitoring software for the corporate sector but can serve other surveillance purposes, as well. The program offers an easy-to-use interface which can provide translations in 5 languages. No additional knowledge is required in order to install and run this keylogger in your system.

StaffCop Standard supports Windows 7 and Windows XP. It monitors the keys pressed, the clipboard content, and system log on/off time, the applications launched and the documents printed. Although it records files being created and deleted, it shows no record of their opening, copying or renaming. The user, not only, has the option to take desktop screenshots, but can also choose to configure their quality and interval as per the requirements. StaffCop Standard is exceptionally good at URL logging. The links visited in all the 5 browsers are registered in its log-files. It is just as good with emails, but it only covers conversations made in Windows Live, Yahoo IM and ICQ. Chats in AOL cannot be intercepted by StaffCop Standard.

5. The Best Keylogger 3.54 [build 1004]

The Best Keylogger is functional, easy-to-use with a highly intuitive interface screen. Its updated version even logs mouse clicks.

Here are some of the features which help it stand among the best Windows keyloggers:

  • Exceptionally good visual surveillance
  • Highly efficient and effective parental control functions
  • Great filtering options
  • Convenient logs transfer options make it possible to deliver log files, to the user, in more than one way.
  •  Very high stealth levelREFOG Personal Monitor 7.6 Review

REFOG Personal Monitor offers a highly user-friendly interface with translation options in 12 languages. The unique program wizard helps users configure the software, very conveniently. Updated version of REFOG Personal Monitor supports Windows 8.

REFOG is capable of intercepting both sides of all chat messengers, except Skype. It records and monitors URLs like, IE, Mozilla, Opera and Chrome. It also provides real time screenshots with user’s log on/off time. REFOG also boasts of a Personal Monitor which sends an “Alarms” report every time it registers reaction to a specific keyword.

Author Bio: – Natalia David is a tech expert who has been keenly following the different uses of monitoring software and  keyboard recorder on the market. She can be reached @NataliaDavid4


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