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Tools To Increase Social Media Productivity

Social Media

Tools To Increase Social Media Productivity

admin August 4, 2014

In the recent times of technology world social media productivity is as important as anything for the success of the business organization. As the daily demands of social media promotion are increasing. It is important for you to know about the tools that increase social media productivity. Many activities that are required to perform successfully to run social media campaign can be successfully dealt with the help of these tools.

Manage relationship 

Managing relationship carries utmost importance in running social media campaign. You can effectively do this with nimble tool. This social relationship management tool will gets integrated with free tool hootsuite and allow you to manage important relationships directly from dashboard. Any account that you wanted to nature can be easily added to nimble account. You can easily monitor their social streams and initiate conversation with them.

Automation of blog post delivery

Automation of blog post delivery will save you good amount of time. You can proceed ahead with the automation process just with the help of tool called Dlver.it.  When you wanted to automate blog post with this tool, you should just specify the channel where the content is coming from and the destination it flies. You can use this tool to send five different blogs to three different social accounts.

Share Mobile Updates from Glyder

Social media marketing on mobiles also is very important for its success. You can instantly share promotional update through your mobile when you are out of office. Using tool like glyder will allow you to choose visually appealing template and add text and company information as desired. You cn instantly share it on different social media platforms. Real time value for your business can be easily achieved with this tool.

Relevant content 

Most of the people use Google alert to find the relevant content based on the mentions of particular keyword on the web. You will receive email notification as soon as Google alert finds relevant content but, still you have to go through it to find the relevancy. On the contrary, if you use bundle post tool, your alerts will be saved as drafts in your account. You can easily view them and filter according to your interest.

Right time for sharing

Finding right content is as important as right time sharing. You should never waste time by sending tweets when your fans are not listening. You should find the time when majority of your followers are online and share the content. Tools like social bro will analyze   when your twitter followers are online and suggest you the optimal time to post the content.

Manage comments

You can easily manage conversations and contents when you use the tool called engage.io. it brings both conversations and comments into one place so they are easy to track and manage. Anything that is responded by you or the readers will be pulled into Engag.io  dash board automatically.

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