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Tips To Make Professional & Visible Website

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Tips To Make Professional & Visible Website

admin January 3, 2013

Websites play an integral part of your company’s image towards its customers. This article shows how you can add a professional touch to your website. It shows the most important features that you must bear in mind while designing a website.

Web sites are an indispensable aspect of your business. It is the platform that makes for your visibility on an online world. There may be a consumer for what you sell locally, somewhere halfway across the globe. A website is the medium that helps you reach out to that consumer and show him that you are available to provide the product or service to him.

 Tips To Make Professional & Visible Website

This is why it is important to pick an extremely talented developer who can provide you with all the web development services required by you. The professional aspect will lend your website the much needed flair that will elevate it and make it a success.

There are a few very basic elements that if taken care of in the right way can be handled in a very effective way.


I know, you must be listening to this one probably for the hundredth time. However, this is probably the most important aspect of an online development. The navigation determines how the website will be received by the visitor.

The navigation has to be absolutely intuitively and clear. Lucidity is a must. Web sites are a way to handle things easily. If you make going through your site a task, then chances are that the visitor will simply move on to a site that is easy to understand and move through easily.

You can incorporate lots of sub-headings to ensure that the visitor can get to the meat easily. Make it simple for him to spot and access the places where he needs to be. Ensure that he knows that the information that you are looking for is available on your site. Do not keep unrelated heading which are difficult to decipher just to make your site innovative. It will not help.

Visible Text against Background

I fail to understand how so many industry experts manage to mess this up. Once again, the most important function of your site is to pass on information. If it is a task to read your text against the background you have chosen, then my friend, you have already failed in establishing yourself as a customer friendly company. What customer friendly company forces his customer to squint hard in order to understand what’s written on the screen!

If yours is a business site, it is best to stick to the conventional background colors. It instills faith and reassures the user that you mean business. A standard black against white or vice versa is much more effective than banana yellow on white.

It is very difficult to get a customer to a site. Don’t make it all the more difficult for you to convince him of your sincerity. Make sure that you use subtle but strong colors instead of funky and quirky colors. Most importantly whatever color you chose ensure that your images and text can be easily against.

Avoid Advertisements

Of course they are an excellent way to make money but you must ensure that in an attempt to make money on the one hand, you aren’t losing out on big bucks on the other. Remember that your objective is to make sure that your visitor spends maximum time on your website.

Avoid Advertisements

If there are too many flashy ads on your site it can lead to two possible effects:

  1. Indulgence: Your visitor may find the advertisement very attractive and chose to go to the advertisement without paying heed to your website.
  2. Repelled: your visitor may find your website repulsive and chose never to come back because it has very less material to offer and too many irritations.

Either way, your site will suffer.


Sometimes, websites have background music in them. Now, it may be a really nice music according to you, but it isn’t so necessarily for all the visitors who come to your site. It is highly possible that some people visiting your site don’t find the music attractive at all.

In this situation it is best to avoid keeping any sort of soundtrack on the site. Let your visitor play from his personal playlist if he really wants to hear music while surfing your site. This will ensure that it doesn’t have any adverse effect on the visitor’s perception of your site.

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