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Tips on buying old desktop computer


Tips on buying old desktop computer

admin March 9, 2015

Purchasing a desktop PC or a computer for home or business is a big decision. It is an expensive affair. Not everybody will be ready to spend that big deal of money to purchase it. At the same time, it is difficult to address the needs of office or home without the assistance of computer and this is juncture where, purchase of old desktop computer pops in.  You need some technical knowledge about the specifications of the computer whether you purchase new computer or old computer.

You can call these used desktop computers as recertified and refurbished computers rather than second hand computers. By buying these computers, you can be assured that they have been fully checked and all the technical faults and misgivings are corrected. Choosing these refurbished computers is the best option if you are looking to purchase second hand computers. Some sellers even provide warranty to these second hand computers to assure customers that they are working perfectly.

The ultimate objective behind the purchase of second hand computers is to save some money. You can choose to purchase OEM versions of Windows operating system to install in your computer; however you should know how to install these versions. These OEM versions of Windows are much cheaper than original windows versions and they work best for your second hand computer. These desktop PCS can be used for different purposes. Few will use these computers as power user that helps them to edit movies. You can make digital videos and play mega games with these computers.

The computer can also serve the needs of home enthusiast. If you considering used desktop/laptops computer for this purpose, you should choose the video card, memory and output of the system depending on the videos you will be playing on it.

In most of the cases, people choose these used computers to address the work needs in the home or office. Irrespective of the purpose which you choose to purchase the computer, you should check few specifications before purchasing it.

You have to choose between two types of processors AMD Athlon 64 X2, or Intel Core 2 Duo processor. People who are looking for high speed processor should consider purchasing computer with Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The second good thing you should consider while purchasing used computer is memory. Desktop computers have different memory varying from 1G to 4G. The purpose for which you use the computer will decide the memory of the computer.

Hard drive of the computer must be chosen depending on the things that you want to store in the computer. The hard disk for the desktop computers vary between 250G to 500G. if you wishing to install games or photo editing software or any other technical software, you should have high storage capacity for your computers.

Operating system is one of the most important things that you should consider while choosing the second hand desktop computer. You can choose anything like Windows 7 or Mac, both the brands are genuine. More updated click yuplee.in


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