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The Sharing Syndrome: Social Media Going Big


The Sharing Syndrome: Social Media Going Big

admin February 16, 2013

Summary: the growth of social media in the recent past is hardly deniable. More and more people are accepting it as a great way to penetrate the market. This article attempts to explain certain details associated with social media and the sharing network.

Social media is the new harbinger of business growth and advancements. As more and more people start understanding the kind of role played by social media in today’s world, entrepreneurs have started using it to make their own business profitable

Social media gives the people the power to reach out. People can share and socialize through the medium of the internet with much better ease than earlier. This is probably why people from every aspect of the society are beginning to value it even more.

It’scoming of Age

Basically, lives today have become ultra-fast. People are running from the beginning of the day till the end. Working hours have become longer and time shorter. This is why; socializing was pushed out the window in the last few years.

However, with social networking sites, people have gotten a new opportunity to connect with people. They can share files, images, videos all at one platform. This not only makes things convenient for them, but it also gives them an opportunity for social expansion.

Taking it from there

So, what began as a first step inan attempt to connect with people through the online platform, has taken shape of an epic platform for growing business. See, the logic is quite simple actually. You know, if you can reach out to more people, you can talk to them about your products and services, and therefore have an opportunity to sell.

It is also being observed that the traffic to the social networking sites is very high. This means you can easily tap the potential of a massive database. Also, the level of penetration is really high. You can get instant access to thousands of people within seconds.

Demographics play a critical role in your social media strategy.You have to understand the behaviourpattern of your target audience. This can only be done once you do the work population mapping. Once you understand the kind of general tendencies of your particular target audience you can devise a strategy that can be most effective towards it.

Using Social Media

Using Social Media

Now that we know business owners are using social media to showcase their products and services, it is good to know that this is not the only end toit. Employers find it really convenient to hunt down their human resources through these platforms.

They are easy to locate and a lot of information about them can be accessed easily. You know, it iseven better than a resume. What’s more entrepreneurs are now creating their own social media sites for their own internal uses. It makes sharing and accessing data very easy.

Customerdesigns for social media sites help in making specific communities where a lot many processes can be carried out with minimum difficulty. The need for individual mails too is obliterated owing to a forum or story board on the site, where people can log on to check information.


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