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The Art of UX: Don’t forget your users when designing your website

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The Art of UX: Don’t forget your users when designing your website

admin March 25, 2013

When it comes to website design, it is worthwhile remembering to KISS.  That’s right, KISS.  I’m not referring to showing affection.  I am talking about ‘keeping it simple, stupid’.

If your website is your user’s route to spending money, it makes sense that you prioritise this process.  It’s too easy for a web designer to focus on technicalities and although this is important, the emotional aspect of user experience (UX) should not be overlooked.

UX refers to the response a user has to your website so, focusing on human computer interaction can give you a significant advantage over your competitors.  Academically, the series of responses that a user will have to your website entail: satisfaction, pleasure, joy, surprise, achievement and being in the ‘zone’.  These are combined with pre conceptions formed from prior experience so in making your website unique, you shouldn’t try and reinvent the wheel.

We know that at the heart of any marketing strategy is your target audience so, UX should be embedded into your website design to, dictate language, the message, design and content.

A user centric website will almost certainly be informative as well as functional – you must provide your user with a means of carrying out the action that brought them to your website in the first place.  This naturally generates interest, encourages trust and leads to increased sales.

Delving into more detail, at the heart of UX us understanding your users – do you know how they think?  Although everyone is different, there are some common user responses that if acknowledged, can unlock success.

To start with, users need to trust.  You can easily earn this by providing them with credible information.  If you give users access to high quality information, they will be forgiving of things like ads and cookies.

Also, the digital age means that the days when a user’s willingness to wait around for anything they have looked to the web to access, are long gone. They are impatient.  You will serve them well if you provide them quick route to what they want.

A web designer who incorporates UX should intertwine it with competitive analysis and information architecture processes so that, the overall marketing solution is a complete one.  Adding UX to your understanding of market position and how to bring designs to life is the finishing touch that accelerates your business towards success.

An effective marketing strategy encompasses many aspects like, digital strategies, competitor analysis, information architecture, usability design, and so on.  It’s a vast area and one that can be difficult to get right but, once mastered, can make your business a lot of profit.  Boss Digital offers a complete digital marketing solution, delivered by a team of accredited professionals.  They are one of the more experienced website design company Hong Kong, having developed over 100 websites and with over a decade of experience, Boss Digital will find every which way of benefiting from your customers while they benefit from your services.

Boss Digital understands businesses.  They understand users.  They understand marketing.   They will give your company the fingerprint needed to become a market leader.

Author Bio :- Sumantha Dutta – an experienced writer, IT professional and blogger. A freelance writer for over four years with a variety of articles published.


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