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Ten Reasons Why You Need To Download Ios 7.1 Now

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Ten Reasons Why You Need To Download Ios 7.1 Now

admin March 24, 2014

Serious, well intended and conspicuous changes in Apple iOS 7 was long overdue, especially when one considers the fact that the last changes occurred way back in year 2007 For long 7 years of so, the same staid, common and boring applications formed part of Apple, greatly disappointing iOS fans and this indeed comes with great relief, like heavy rainfall in a parched desert. Launched on March 10,2014, Apple 7.01 in not at all disappointing, as a matter of fact it offers some exciting and pleasant surprises, perhaps not the leastexpected by Apple iOS fans and well wishers. In this paper, ten of its most exciting improvements and changes are being discussed:

1. Control Center and Notifications: The first concrete and well meaning change is in Control Center which now offers front and center settings, available for any screen. Besides, users could swipe from the bottom of display to gain tools like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, brightness, Airplane mode and Music Controls. Besides CC also has tiny flashlight tool, and new “today” pane that offers today’s schedule.

2. Safari Browser: This offers unified search and URL field which have been kept separate in earlier apps, which has really earlier cut back on its utility. This much improved Safari Browser now offers the best of both worlds- Search and URL in one app, thus saving time and added efforts

3. CarPlay: This could be used for iPhone 5 or better models, and is mainly responsible for reflecting the phone’s apps and functions through a car dashboard. CarPlay has navigation, audio phone, messaging, three 3rd Party apps, and iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Spotify and Beats Music. Cars equipped with GPS navigation could make the best use of CarPlay for navigation and tracking.

4. iTunes: iOS 7.1 powered by Apple has iTunes 11 interface that is very easy to navigate and is much more perceptive than earlier apps. It has iCloud integration and also MiniPlayer that has right set of controls that discreetly puts the software down when other apps are in use. This is indeed a very refreshing experience for iPhone 5 and better models. This is a complete redesigning without using Ping and does not use any other iOS device management, and does offer a much better streamlined version than when compared to earlier versions, that lacked this degree of streamlining and app functions.

5. Camera updates: It is also worth mentioning that iOS 7.1 uses latest, state-of-the-science sophisticated camera imaging technology that is specific to 5S phones. The never phone uses Apple’s A7 processors with more powerful chips and High Dynamic Range or HDR, that facilitates auto turn on when necessary. It simultaneously takes several photos in different exposures for the creation of sharp images that mimics the human eye and also uses its intelligent eye, or sensors to account for  varying lights, shadows, darkness and other factors automatically to provide excellent, professional grade photographs that meets and surpass any imaging tests. Camera is indeed in a class of its own, much imitated by rival companies, but never perfected.

6. Calendar: Apple’s iOS 7.1 updates tweaks calendar view months and allows users to clip to view appointments. Besides, Touch ID fingerprints are more accurate and safe with iOS 7.1, which offers fewer false rejections and quicker response times while scanning fingerprints

7. iTunes Radio: This too has gained some tweaks in iOS7.1. Innovative search fields allow for users to create stations based on their loved songs, artists or albums and also users could buy albums with a single tap from iTunes Radio that to buy solo. For the first time, subscriptions to iTunes could be gained from mobile devices, besides desktop computers.

8. Siri Assistant: One of the major lacks of Siri telephone etiquette, viz interruptions during conversations, is now dispensed with in the new iOS 7.1, the system sensors that the user has completed a conversation when the caller pauses for couple of seconds. All that Users now need to do when to prolong conversations is to depress the home button down the entire length of the conversation and when they release their fingers from home button, Siri automatically knows that the conversation is over. Both ways of interacting is now available in iOS 7.1 as also choice of new male and female tones in Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and also British and Australian English.

9. Airdrop file sharing in iOS7.1: This offers easy and convenient transfer of file assets and documents between proximate devices using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, ushering better speed and security. File sharing was done through swapping of photos, video and other data by use of emails, iMesssages or apps but Airdrop has indeed made these dinosaurs.

10. Fixed bugs and other items: The new iOS7.1 fixes bugs like never before and assures of best usage experiences.

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