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Technology debuts that’s going to change the world in 2013

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Technology debuts that’s going to change the world in 2013

Christy May 10, 2013

Throughout the last few decades, we have seen great leaps in digital technology. Cloud computing, smartphones and multi-touch tablets – these are some of the innovations that have changed the way we live and work. Believe it or not, we’re just getting started and this is just the begging. There are lots more to see and witness in the field of technology. It will even get better and we could be leading a life like in the science fiction movies. This post is going to discuss about the various technology gadgets that are going to change the world in 2013. Check out the different gadgets that are about to surprise the gadget-freaks.

  1. Mozilla Operating System from Firefox: Google has its own OS and so does Apple! So why Mozilla Firefox doesn’t have one? This is a popular browsing company and it has already gone through a pinch in the market share as compared to its neighbor, Google Chrome that has already set its new field in the smartphone pool. The claim that this will be cheaper than Android, the Firefox OS can even get a chance. This OS will be able to support rich content with HTML 5 and will also tap into hardware in more than one new ways. For instance, the phone’s camera might be controlled by the OS for slow motion capturing or successive shots.
  2. Surface Tablet Pro from Microsoft: This tablet will come with a funky cover or keyboard combo with a big splash in 2013 with the Pro model. This will boast of having a legitimate Intel i5 dual-core processor. You might be wondering why a Microsoft tablet will be such a big deal. The reason is that this is nothing but the future of Windows computing! The swipes and gestures are a different thing but the Office Touch applications will certainly draw the business users into the business.
  3. iPad Mini: The 8-inch version of the iPad has stumbled in the rumors of the people for a long time now. Some outlets have reported that this device is finally being manufactured. The size usually makes sense both in terms of how Apple gives multiple sizes for MacBook as a way to beat down the challenges set forth by Google and Amazon. All the Apple users can therefore wait for this device in 2013.
  4. Leap motion: Gesture control on a tablet has always been around for the last few years but this is a small device that will take this to an altogether new level. Leap Motion is an object that will sit next to your computer and will be able to detect your hand movements with an accuracy level of 1/100 of a millimeter. You don’t require touching your screen but still you can flip through photos and manipulate some other objects.

Therefore, when you’re waiting for using the latest gadgets in 2013, you can certainly check out the ones mentioned above. Go and get quotes as soon as they hit the stores.

This post is written by C. Haze. She has written many content on finance and technology. For more information visit this site.


This is a guest post by Miss C. Haze who is a finance and technology writer . She writes on a variety of finance and technology related topics with a special focus on debt and gadget which is of course my favorite subject.

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