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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 – Android (KitKat) OS Smartphone with Ample Memory

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 – Android (KitKat) OS Smartphone with Ample Memory

admin June 16, 2014

The Samsung Galaxy 4 7.0 is a tab to look forward to; it is differently made and is a slender and trendy device, much to the effect of other Galaxy products. It is a unique encounter to work on a lean and attractive tab which is easy to hold and carry around. It does not add to the shoulder strain, it is the most reasonable and smallest tabs. It is engineered with 7 inch quad core CPU display and is loaded with impressive RAM. It runs on Android KitKat and is equipped with the most versatile user interfaces. Let us browse through some of the interesting characteristics of the device.


Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 is not so appealing at first sight, but is still a product of professional design. The plastic quality is high-class, and the tab looks immensely glossy and the ingredients tucked into the phone are exceptionally sturdy. It is an ideal representation of a well built and sturdy, every nook and corner of the tablet is professionally styled, with no room for cuts and unevenness. The design is just flawless contributed by the impressive unibody design. The outer edges have firm metal building and firmly hold the construction components. The only concern is the unsteady effect of Home button.

The measurement of the tab is admirable which is 7.36×4.25×0.35, and weighs 9.74oz or 276g. The tab is narrower than Kindle Fire HDX7 by an inch and much smaller than the 2013 model of Nexus 7. It is marginally smaller than the earlier Galaxy 3.7.0 Tab. Much of the design of Tab 3 is visible in Tab 4, the different lies in ingredient type. Tab 3 is loaded with smooth plastic and Tab is tailored with sturdy rugged materials, and thereby offers a superior grip. Customers will certainly wonder about the dexterity impact of Galaxy Tab 4, sources say it offers incredible comfort, users can comfortably hold the device in one hand. The tab can be held with two hands and the contents are pretty visible contributed by the classic portrait effect. The main concern is with too much handling there is room for thumb marks.


The display power of Galaxy Tab 4 is 12800 x800; the pixel density is 216ppi, which is not too great. The display output is crisp; users can effectively read texts of all fonts, inclusive of small characters observed in Japanese, Chinese and many Asian languages. The pixelation power is not very satisfying; the image quality and icon movement is credible. The remarkable reading effect makes Galaxy Tab 4 a reliable device for everyday work activities. The tab can be placed on a table at considerable distance from the user, and the usage experience is phenomenal. The colour reproduction value of Galaxy Tab 4.7.0 is great, but not spectacular. The temperature at which the colour output is optimum is 7055 Kelvins close to the reference point of 6500K. The issue here is the colours are not original. The red colour is under saturated and subdued.

Sources have enjoyed the display power of 7 inch Galaxy Tab 4.7.0, the only time the flaw is visible is when the tab is under the effect of blazing sunlight. The only obstruction is reflective glass, and the brightness capacity of the panel is 347 nits, not sufficient to rectify the issue. The viewing angles are however exemplary and the quality of image is mind blowing and never changes.

Interior Processor:

Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 functions on android KitKat OS quad core processor, it is equipped with 8/16GB internal storage that can be extended to 32GB via SD card and 1.5GB RAM. The 7 inch screen display tablet is engineered with TFT capacitive touch screen and qHD resolution. The connectivity options are USB port, WLAN and Bluetooth. The Galaxy Tab4 7.0 is inserted with 1.3MP secondary camera and 3.15MP rear camera.

Battery and Camera:

The battery power of Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.7.0 is 4,450 mAh, and is more than sufficient to talk on the other end for hours. The 3.15MP rear camera and 1.3MP secondary camera is great to capture top quality crisp images, and perfect for life-remembering events such as birthdays, weddings, anniversary’s, commendable celebrations and so on. A world class battery and camera enables users to indulge in hours of enjoyment with family and friends.


Samsung has not revealed much information on the acoustic power of the device, what is known is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.7.0 is equipped with WXGA resolution with pixel power of 1280×800, which is not so efficient in the current increasingly competitive smartphone market.

Samsung Galaxy 4.7.0 is packed with desirable features, the first source of inspiration lies in the slim dimension and fairly light weight of 276g. The build framework is great stacked with high-grade rigid materials to offer a firm and non slippery effect. The seven inch piece can be used as a phone and tab, mainly because of its 7 inch dimension higher than any phone in Galaxy series. It is a suitable business phone to carry around when users have to travel to many locations in a day.

Samsung Galaxy 4.7.0 is perfect to spend hours watching movies and listening to quality music. The colour output is mind blowing and crisp, it however weakens under bright sunlight, but it is not much of a flaw. The battery power is excellent at 4,450mAh. The connectivity options are great as well with Bluetooth, USB port and WLAN.

Some amazing features to look forward to are Samsung Link, Samsung Apps, Group Play, Samsung Kies, HW Key, MultiWindow, Voice Call, ChatON, Glonass and GPS.

Samsung Galaxy 4.7.0 is a worthy purchase, and is packed with professionalism and excellence, with very little room for flaws. Everything about the tab is splendid from glossy design, interior storage space, camera quality, storage, colour resolution, viewing angle and connectivity. It is among the top quality tablets in smartphone world. The Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 price in India should close to Rs 24,000.


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