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Rules to Live By When Using a Rented Office Space

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Rules to Live By When Using a Rented Office Space

Matthew Parry April 11, 2014

Sourcing and renting a suitable office space is simple and straightforward these days, especially with the profusion of cost competitive serviced office space which can be rented for short periods of time and often with competitively flexible contracts that favour business organisations.

There are, however, certain rules to live by when using a rented office space, starting with the relocation process and in fact even before that, with the decision to relocate or hire office space in the first place.

Office organisation

Of the many rules to live by when using a rented office space, keeping the office organised is by far one of the most important.

There are many ways to keep an office organised and in a presentable state – this is important for making a positive impression upon visitors and maintaining suitably high employee engagement and morale levels – starting with bringing only as much equipment and furniture as you need to your new office when you relocate.

Reducing paper in the office will also aid office organisation and although the concept of the ‘paperless office’ has failed to materialise, it’s a concept that’s well worth aiming for, and as a result, reducing paper in the office is a rule to live by when using a rented office, plus it will make relocating again in the future much easier if need dictates.

Office branding

Branding your office space is an essential aspect of the branding process and furthering awareness of your brand in the minds of visitors to your office – business peers, clients, suppliers, etc.

Before hiring an office, clarify with the office provider that you can brand your office and find out to what extent. You don’t need to go all out when branding your office though you do need to be able to place your logo above the door and in the reception area.


Of the many benefits to working in a business centre or office block is the opportunity to network amongst the other tenants. As a tenant in an office building you’re presented with countless opportunities every day to network and you’re advised to go out of your way to network and make contacts amongst the other tenants in the building.

Introduce yourself to the tenants in the neighbouring offices and greet the people you meet in the foyer or lift. The benefits of networking with the aim of making contacts, and hopefully new clients, are simply too good to overlook, so make this a rule that you’ll live by when relocating to a new rented office space.

Caring for the office

Whether you’ve brought your own equipment or furniture with you or you’ve moved into a serviced office where most of the equipment and furniture you require to operate is supplied in your rental contract, it’s imperative that you and your employees care for the office, or more specifically, ensure that you don’t damage it in any way.

Whilst some wear and tear is expected of all tenants, if you or your employees damage something in the office there’s a very good chance that you’ll be responsible for repairs or replacements, so take care when working from rented office space.

Moreover, if you notice any damage to equipment, fixtures or furniture, contact the office space provider immediately to have it repaired. Not only don’t you want to find yourself fiscally responsible for the damage but you don’t want to risk a workplace accident either.

Working from hired office space offers your business organisation many excellent benefits, but you must also be aware of your responsibilities and the rules that you should live by.

About the Author : Regus is one of the biggest companies in the world that provides quality flexible workspaces. Their website Regus.co.za features information about their branches and rental commercial spaces in South Africa.

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