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Report: State of the Link Building Nation for the 1st Half of 2013

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Report: State of the Link Building Nation for the 1st Half of 2013

lucycollins August 7, 2013

A recent infographic was released as to gauge the situation of link building practices across the World Wide Web, halfway through 2013. Since the year has been a rather rocky one in terms of Google search algorithm changes and other factors that impinged on the dynamics of the SEO field, we thought it was important to show you what the survey came up with, by going into a bit of detail with some of its findings. The survey’s respondents were 42 per cent link builders, 27 per cent SEO team managers, and 31 per cent company execs and owners. The poll thus aimed to cover as many perspectives as possible on link building, but it also touched on a more subtle aspect of SEO – the way in which the different agents in the industry choose to represent their job descriptions and attributions in the link building process.

On the topic of link building budgets, of all the respondents, 35 per cent reported they spend up to $1,000 per month. 26 per cent allot between $1,000 and $5,000, 18 per cent upped the spending to the $10,000 threshold, 11 per cent spend between $10,000 and $50,000, while 18 per cent spend over $50,000. As the study’s authors noted, there is bound to be some bias, as there always is with money-related questions. However, bias noted, there is still something to be learned out of the above figures, when it comes to the sizes of budgets on the market. While over one third (36 per cent) only spend $1,000, an even larger ratio (39 per cent) are more generous when it comes to link building activities and will dedicate between $5,000 and $50,000 to the same branch of SEO. These figures obviously also depend on the size of each respective agency, as well as its number of clients, but the overall feel is that agencies understand they need to put in some (financial) effort if they want to see results with earning links.

However, perhaps the most interesting part of the survey comes with the question regarding challenges and difficulties that the link earning process entails. 28 per cent of those polled said they find it difficult to find link pros

pects out there, yet this was not the biggest issue. 29 per cent of respondents are still stuck in the stages where they try to optimize and render their SEO processes more efficient. To SEO veterans, this might seem silly – yet one needs to remember that the digital revolution was swift and it is understandable why some brands were caught unawares as to what SEO actually is and how they should go about implementing it. 26 per cent face outreach issues, as they find it unnerving when link prospects do not respond. The smallest issue (or perhaps the one least considered) is that of determining how anchor text should be distributed; it was selected by only 6 per cent. Finally, 11 per cent are confused by Google’s way of deciding whether a link is healthy and valuable or toxic and requires penalization.

If you, too, are suspicious whether or not the effort is too big for your brand to undertake, you can find out more details about why link building still matters in today’s day and age. Of course, it’s not easy to acquire quality links and it’s equally obvious that the process is bound to see some changes with the coming updates to the Google algorithm. For the time being, though, Google is still counting links as a measure of website usefulness, trustworthiness and value – and you, too, need to get with the program, if you want to see website awareness going up, at once with ROI and market share.


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