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Protect privacy of phone with app lock

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Protect privacy of phone with app lock

admin February 20, 2015

In today’s world of technology handy smart phone are no more lees than parts of the body. You need not surprised if a person find it very difficult to spend a day without phone in his hands. Smart phone has turned into gadget that store private and critical information of the owner rather than just serving as means of communication.  Privacy protection is very important when you are using the smart phone to store some personal and critical information. If you are looking for one such app that will protect your data from un authorized accesses, you can check app lock that is available on the Google play store.


This wonderful lock is must have app on the every android phone. It protects all the important apps on your mobile with the help of the password or design pattern thereby ensuring that all the critical data on the smart phone is under your surveillance. With the help of this wonderful app, you can hide photos from photo gallery, videos from the player and mp3 songs from the music player and many more.

When you have this widget on your phone, none other than you can run any applications on your phone without your permission. You can even choose have protected accesses to few of the apps on the phone or complete phone. You are decision maker about the requirement when you use this app to protect your phone. If you wish to protect few apps with the help of the widget, you have to just list them out and give them password enabled protection.

The widget has user friendly operating procedure and even the novice can download and use it on his phone easily. There is no need for you to spend some money to fetch the widget from play store, it  is available for free for all android users. It does not matter whether you are using Samsung, Motorola, Micro max or HTC, this mobile works in a best way on all phones with android platforms.  This app empowers you to control photo and video accesses too. You can choose disable selected video or photo from the gallery.   Your privacy is made easy with help of this widget.

If you have doubt that your password is accessed by others, you can easily change it by opening app lock left menu and go to settings to unlock settings. If you don’t want other to know that you are using app lock gadget to protect privacy of your phone, you can hide it as well.  Even accessing the hidden widget is also very easy.  You should enter the password in the dial pad and press on the call function to open app lock.  You can also choose to open it by entering domobile.com/applock on your browser.

It is pretty easy to fetch the password even if you forget it. You can easily reset your password if you remember the security answer while setting the password.


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