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Optimize Windows 7 to Speed up PC

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Optimize Windows 7 to Speed up PC

admin May 2, 2013

You must have bought your computer all new and running smoothly. Over the time, you have installed so many programs that make it bit slow. It does not make it slow in a chunk of time but it takes longer to make it slow. Your PC is actually working fine but it needs a kind of refresh. You can apply few tips and tricks to speed up computer.

You can speed up your computer without upgrading hardware many ways. Follow below tips:

Performance Troubleshooter

You should try performance troubleshooter first, which will sort out many of PC issues. Troubleshooter check issues that can slow down computer’s performance. To open troubleshooter, go to Start Menu button and click on Control Panel. In search bar of control panel, type troubleshooter and choose troubleshooting. Click on ‘Check for performance issues’ under System and security tab.

Delete Idle Programs

Original PC came with a bundle of programs that you did not order; most of them include trial versions and free versions. They expect that users will use these programs later on or will buy any of them. If you think that, you do not want these software and they are just taking disk space. Uninstall these entire manufacturers’ software or third party software’s that are idle.

There are various programs such as registry repair tools; disk cleaner, backup tools etc. just keep those tools that you need in near future.

Turn off Visual Effects

Windows 7 has visual effects better than any previous Windows, which is good but unfortunately, it slows down computer speed if computer spec are not high performing. You can even enjoy Windows by disabling these features. Windows allows you to turn off effects of your choice. There are 20 types of visual effects in Windows 7. To disable follow simple steps:

  1. Go to Start Menu
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. In search box, type Performance Information and Tools
  4. In the list click Performance Information and Tools
  5. Now click Adjust visual effects
  6. Confirm administrative password if prompted
  7. Now click on Visual Effects tab
  8. Click Adjust for best performance
  9. Now click OK
  10. You can also select Let Windows choose what’s best for my computer

By following simple tips, it can give a relief to your computer. Just make sure to fulfill these over the time and let your PC to run faster.

Fix Registry Errors

One of the most frustrating errors, which most people are not aware of, is Windows registry filth with too many empty entries. You must beware of the fact that empty and corrupt registry entries make your PC turtle, which is why you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. The best way to fix registry errors is to use a reliable registry cleaner which will solidly diagnose your registry for errors and fix them to speed up PC.

These are a few simple ways you can use in order to make your PC fast and enjoy Windows 7 at its best.

Author Bio: This Guest Post is Written by Alan Waker who is familiar for writing well versed content regarding PC Problems and their Solutions. He suggests his users to use Registry Recycler-Free Registry Cleaner, which is best for speeding and making PC functionality Smooth.


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