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Making the Most of Your Business Phone Lines

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Making the Most of Your Business Phone Lines

Matthew Parry January 27, 2014

If you’re running your very own company, you’ll want to make sure that everything is as optimised as possible. This also applies to the telephone system you’ve set up for your employees and your customers to keep in touch with each other. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways in which you can streamline client/staff communication within your office, improving productivity through your phone lines.

Automated Redirection

For those whose company is run from a large workplace, it’s necessary to have any incoming calls sent to the right departments. After all, there’s nothing as frustrating to a customer as being directed to the wrong person multiple times. Thus, you should take steps to improve your service by installing an automatic switchboard operator in your corporate phone lines. These devices will include an audio track that speaks to the customers and voice recognition systems so they can talk and tell the app which person they want to chat to. In this way, your clients will be directed precisely where they want to go with minimal hassle.

Virtual Receptionists

While your employees are available to take calls during office hours, what happens in the evening or the weekends when your customers want to get in touch? Paying someone to remain behind will cost you a fortune in overtime pay, so this isn’t a viable solution. A better alternative is to hire a third party phone operator to take the calls for you. This type of answering service is typically run out of a local call centre dealing with numerous clients. If anyone phones your company after hours, they will get redirected to the agency where a member of staff will take the message and forward it on.

Better Calling Costs

There is also a financial aspect to consider. While running your business, you’ll be looking for more ways to cut costs while still retaining the same level of quality in both operations and staff performance. By carefully shopping around for phone packages or automatic switchboards you can save your company a fair bit without having to sacrifice anything. In fact, as mentioned above, some of these additional telephone options will give you the ability to reduce costs while actually improving your company. Hiring a virtual receptionist will be far more cost effective than paying someone overtime rates to stay in your office in the evening and on weekends.

Internet Phone Packages

Lastly, the digital world has advanced enough that it has now combined with traditional forms of communication such as the telephone. One good example of this is the wide number of VoIP packages that you see being sold around the place. Here, you make calls through your internet connection rather than through the standard phone lines. Not only does this offer you a faster solution to corporate communication but it is also much cheaper, especially when it comes to interstate and international phone calls. By utilising internet phone services in the office, you therefore expand your service quality while reducing your costs at the same time.

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