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Looking For A Good Screen Recorder For Mac?

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Looking For A Good Screen Recorder For Mac?

admin March 24, 2015

There are scores and scores of live streaming videos online- ranging from webinars to how-to presentations to entertainment videos. But you need to catch them at their scheduled time as most of the times the online video sites don’t offer the download feature. Now what if you can’t catch them at the scheduled time? Your busy professional life might prevent you from the checking online videos while these are streamed. However, you still have the screen recording software solutions today that are engineered to record the streaming the online videos and then save them in the Mac device- so that you can re-view them later in your free time.

Now, it’s to note here that there are several screen recoding options today but not can assure you complete customer satisfaction. If you are looking for expert advice on choosing the most credible screen recorder for Mac, Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac is one of the most voted options. Why so? Well, the article here offers a short review that help you to understand that why you should count on the Movavi program.

Highly reputed brand

First of all, Movavi is a highly reputed brand, trusted in as many as 150 nations. It is an award winning label as well and hence you can be pretty confident about a superior performance here.

Captures any streaming video online

The Movavi screen recording software is able to capture any kind of streaming video online. The software can capture how-to videos, webinars and even Skype calls.

Bespoke capture

Then, the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac helps the users with bespoke capture feature. You would be able to set your desired specifications on frame rate and capture area- on which the software would go on recording the streaming video accordingly.

Captures sound from any source

The Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac enables you to capture sound from any source. The software is able to record audio from microphone, MIDI devices, audio sets & headphones. The software can capture Skype calls & program sounds as well.

Automatic capture

You will be glad to know that Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac is designed with automatic screen capture facility. The software comes with a timer feature where you can set your preferred recording duration. As you set the timer, the software would proceed to record on its own and would stop on its own, as the timer stops.

Grabs screenshots

The Movavi software is able to grab screenshots during recording.

Edits video

This is an interesting feature of Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac. It not only records the streaming videos but enables you to edit them as well. With the Movavi program, you can cut the unnecessary parts from the recording video, add background music as well as enhance the video quality with filters.

Saves video within seconds

The Movavi program is supported by advanced SuperSpeed mode that helps it to save the videos within seconds.


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