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Launching of PlayStation 4

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Launching of PlayStation 4

admin November 21, 2013

For those who like gaming, play station 4 is just about the coolest gaming platform available in the market today. For starters, the play station brand has been the legendary gaming option over a long period of time. Void of the fact that the brand enjoys an almost monopolistic stake in the market, the management behind it does not lie in their comfort bed but rather are spontaneous about the future of their brand. This is evident through the rebrandishing of the brand every once in a while and every time they do so, they do not disappoint. The older the brand gets, the better it gets. Metaphorically, old age wine is finer, smoother and priceless.

Towards the end of March 2013, the gaming world was treated to a rare spectacle with some catchy details and bits of information about the soon to be released play station 4. These tasty details only served to leave the gamers wanting for more. As always, the devil is in the details. Once you get to learn about the specifications of the new release, you are going to want to put on hold all your current gaming travails and savor the experience to come with the PlayStation 4.

The release of the PlayStation 4, as in all well-run businesses, was perfectly timed to counter the release of Xbox’s new gamer. The challenge is never getting at the top but remaining on top. But given the superior technological applications of the PlayStation 4, one is left wondering whether there exists any worthwhile competition.

Some of the rare features possessed are the ability of the gaming machine to sense the gamer’s facial movements as well as the motion of their hands. This is alongside the feature of the split screen during gaming moving in the direction of the gamer precisely at the same rate and vector as the gamer, or alternatively switching to the direction moved.

Sony, the brains behind PlayStation 4, apparently did not give a specific date of release, only dubbing the date Holiday 2013. It was to be released first in the U.S.A then after that later in the European Union. However, the concerned distributor got people talking of rife speculations that PlayStation 4 would only be released in Europe only later in 2014. These are just rumors Michael Hogan of GameStop’s stated that their program of rolling out the new release was within schedule. Reliable sources however revealed that plans the release of the PlayStation 4 were on top notch so as to undoubtedly take the day with regards to the Xbox relief. During the finals of the Champions League, Sony put out the word in form of advertisement with the words “PS4-coming 2013”, this was enough confirmation that indeed everything about the release was on track. Though with no promise of a release date before Christmas holidays in Europe, Sony maintains that the date for the release has already been set.

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