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Keep your Panasonic Toughbook up & running!


Keep your Panasonic Toughbook up & running!

admin March 13, 2013

‘Panasonic Toughbook’! The name says for itself. Having this system in your hand, you can be almost relaxed, as this laptop is manufactured in a way that it can withstand almost all the technical problems. However, it is a machine after all, and cannot escape the effects of certain problems, be it regarding hardware or software.

So, it is always better to have know-how about your laptop. Let us walk you through few of the tweaks, which you can follow every time you face a similar problem with your Panasonic Toughbook.

Is your Toughbook not powering on?

Calm down! Make sure that the power cable is plugged in, so that the system is charging. If this is not working, then let the system cool down for some time. Frequently, it has been seen that overheating prevents the system from turning on. Try to turn it on after cooling it down. It may work.

Are you facing a problem in system booting?

It has been seen commonly that the system doesn’t boot up properly, despite of restarting it several times. Remove all the peripherals that you can see viz. mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, USB device (if connected). Restart your system and it should boot properly.

No display on the screen, but the system is on!

In such a case, you need to alter the display settings. You can do this by pressing both ‘Fn’ and ‘F3’. A reason behind ‘no display’ on the screen could be the selection of ‘external display’ setting.

View of the content is messed up!

It is again, a common happening. You could see the entire content to be in an irregular or jumbled order. An external device could be the culprit. Remove the device from your system and then, re-connect it. It should be fine.

If this is not working, then remove the device and restart your system. Once your system is on, connect the external device. Probably, this time it will work.

Battery is in a critical state!

Have you ever noticed a LED indicator on the charger of your laptop? If your battery is not in a position to withstand the temperature, then you will be warned via this indicator. It will blink orange, which means that it is better you turn off your system, so that the battery gets enough time to cool down. After a considerable time, you can start charging it up.

You might have noticed that these are very simple tweaks, for which you need not be technically sound. However, you can give a better life to your Toughbook, by following these tips. Enjoy computing with your Panasonic Toughbook!

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