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Important Tips to Choose an SEO Copywriter

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Important Tips to Choose an SEO Copywriter

admin August 14, 2015

Copywriting is not less than the art. It is a science of producing super contents that prompt the end user to either purchase an item, subscribe to a service, or take some other move that will give you benefits.

Who is an SEO Copywriter?

A copywriter is a talented expert who composes contents for promotions, advertisements and client engagement. A copywriter understands his or her audience and picks the words that will speak to them. The titles, words, expressions, sentences, and sections that are used in the content need to induce and cause readers make a particular move.

SEO copywriter will do exactly the same thing, what’s more SEO copywriter will make your content search engine friendly. That will give you extra advantage to rank your site higher.

Tips to Choose an SEO Copywriter

  • #Tips 1: Check the Quality of Portfolio

Absolutely never contract an SEO copywriter without looking at his portfolio. Preferably, he will have a lot of tests accessible on his site or somewhere else on the web. In auditing his work, look out for involvement in your industry and the applicable medium. Look at his written work. Is it tight or excessively verbose? Is it perfect or do you notice stray grammatical errors?

  • #Tips 2: Ask about SEO Copywriting Best Practices

Do not forget to ask about SEO copywriting best practices. Google is continually overhauling and modifying their search engine algorithm. The SEO procedures that functioned admirably a week ago could dive your page to the last page of list items this week. However, there are some basic SEO copywriting tips. For example, you can ask the SEO copywriter about keyword density, content writing tricks, how to use keywords and so on.


  • #Tips 3: Ask to Create Some Titles Using a Keyword

In SEO copywriting, the titles of your content ought to pull in individuals’ consideration, then provoke them to snap and read further. When you rank in Google’s main 10, if your title is clickable and appealing, it does not generally make a difference whether you rank #1 or #5, on the grounds that you will attract organic guests to your site. Titles that pass on a particular message or idea, work better with the target audience. Ask your SEO copywriter to create some titles on any of your keyword. See how he performs and after that take your decision.

  • #Tips 4: Test the Personality Type

At the point when picking an SEO copywriter, do not disregard personality. Make sure to meet or chat with the writer for some time. Does he make a decent attempt to offer himself, or does he concentrate on finding out about your company and your needs? Get some information about his writing procedure. Does he appear to be careful? Sensible by the way he approaches his work? Is he professional?  Above all, does he appear like the right fit?


  • #Tips 5: Get a Proposal from the SEO Copywriter about Pricing

Once you have characterized the extent of work, you will have to get a proposal from the SEO copywriter. You can ask for a flat fee. That gives you cost assurance. Do not search for the least expensive SEO copywriter. He may not provide you SEO friendly writing copy that you are looking for.

Three Useful SEO Copywriting Tips

  • Create Magnetic Titles: Magnetic titles can easily catch the attention of your target audience. Popular content titles normally start with “Top 10”, “How to”, “Tips and Tricks” and “Natural Remedies”!
  • Use Subheading: Subheadings will divide your content into several parts. That will make it user friendly. Subheadings will also describe your content to web crawlers.
  • Pick a Good Font: The right text style can make your content easy to read and outwardly all the more fascinating, expanding engagement. This is the reason publicists and web journal copywriters giving careful consideration to content cosmetics.

Bottom Line: Now you know how to pick an SEO copywriter. Choose the ideal applicant and settle the points of interest in the contract. Write clear job description to guarantee you are both clear on what will be given and when, and lay out your SEO copywriting necessities and terms plainly: indicate the required word count, keyword density, writing schedule, and finally agree on pricing.

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Navid Tayebi has considerable experience in digital marketing and brand development. He is the founder of Creative Over, anOrange County SEO Firm that primarily focuses on providing digital marketing solutions to small-and medium-sized businesses. He is a versatile, organized and self-reliantperson. You can find Navid on Twitter, Linkedin, Google + and Facebook.


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