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What is the impact of IoT on mobile application development?

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What is the impact of IoT on mobile application development?

admin September 18, 2017

The technology of the Internet of Things (IoT) has now begun to get traction. People are enjoying the easy availability of devices and gadgets that they can utilize to automate a lot of appliances and systems in their homes and offices and even in their cars.

The rising popularity of IoT is also capturing the attention of mobile app development industry which is now looking for scopes of implementing mobility in the area.  In fact, mobile devices are the key role-player and are all prepared to serve as the main interface so that IoT can become practically be possible and useful.

As we know, mobility and apps have become an integral part of our life. They are influencing every aspect of life and dominating all forms of technology available. Smart devices like smartphones and tablets are now owned by almost all individuals living in urban areas. They really depend on these devices for a lot of things. It’s why because these smart devices come with more than enough power, easy accessibility to the web, and various apps. These features of smart devices make them prepared to provide a solid base to the technology of the Internet of Things.

The technology, gadgets, devices, and apps for IoT have given people, entrepreneur, and big organizations with a concept of smart homes, smart cities, connected machines, and vehicles. And mobility like smartphones, tablets, smart-watches, and head-mounted displays, etc are here to serve as the main interface that lets people easily interact with IoT enabled devices. The modern mobility comes with numerous connectivity choices like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular network, NFC and a lot more. With these connectivity choices, mobility also comes with various sensors as default. These sensors have been tested to be completely suitable for IoT gadgets and devices.

As per a Gartner’s findings, there would be more than 13.5 billion IoT enabled devices by 2020. It indicates a rapid revolution in IoT technologies and, we will see that more and more businesses are implementing it for their customers and employees.

Business will change because of IOT. Here is how it will happen —

Managers will know where everything is at all times.

Businesses need to keep track of a lot of things – from people to product and from inventory to equipment. Up until now, they rely on barcode tracking system to manage the inventory; however, there are many issues associated with this tracking system such pricing discrepancies, scanning issues, and label damage. But, with an IoT enabled system, almost every equipment, device, and product can be integrated into a single network. It makes inventory management and tracking quite easier and intuitive.

Business will need keeping track of more data.

When several devices are connected to the internet via mobility, they will open the floodgates to even more data coming from multiple channels. Of course, businesses need to implement better tracking, management, and security features to handle the data carefully. They will have depth metrics about customers and their behaviors, employees and, how to work and even the rough facts about how your business operates.

Things will move faster.

Things move faster when IoT is in the action. These things can be anything; from your car to refrigerator, to traffic lights and, they can be controlled from mobile devices / apps via the internet, even from hundreds of miles away. This, of course, removes the need of personally commuting to a place and beginning the action because IoT will be in charge. To business, this will let them provide their offerings faster as expected by customers.

Cheaper Energy and investment costs.

Because IoT can make machines working and operating smoothly, they will not require sudden investment in a maintenance procedures triggered by mishandlings. The bottom line is that with an IoT enabled system, businesses need to invest less money to keep running their operations, upholding stock, recording inventory and so on.

Remote work will become even more feasible.

The cloud technology has long been existing here and now, IoT providers have begun to search for scopes to make their IoT platforms and, products enabled with cloud computing. Tech companies are coming up with cloud-hosted solutions and hardware supporting software along with readily portable devices that can make remote work a more feasible and practical thing.

An employee can easily control several devices from a single source because they would be connected to the same network. Given to one tablet and internet connection, the entire production line can be tracked and controlled quite efficiently. The same applies on other business-modes like stores, and warehouses, etc.

Productivity will improve

With IoT enabled systems, businesses will operate their processes and procedures more productively, with decreasing expanses. Of course, initial cost invested in upgrading all your devices may be considerably higher, but you will end up paying less for staff later and, you should be able to produce more products out of operations.

 Wrapping up –

These are the impacts experts of the field have assumed to be posed by IoT.  But all these assumptions are based on currently available technology of mobility and upcoming change in it, increasing penetration of IoT, and the practical worth of blending both as well as coming up with a single solution.

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