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How Your Local Business Can Conquer Social Media: 5 Easy Steps

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How Your Local Business Can Conquer Social Media: 5 Easy Steps

Matthew Parry May 16, 2014

Part of the appeal of social media as a marketing tool is that it goes straight to consumers. Businesses can communicate with their target audience directly in real time, allowing them to build stronger relationships. Of course, the fact that it’s fast, easy and cost-effective doesn’t hurt either. Including this powerful tool in your marketing strategy can do wonders for your local business’ bottom line.

Social Media on a Smaller Scale

Most of the social media marketing strategies developed these days are meant to promote large companies. But what about small, local businesses? How can they use social media in their marketing campaigns? Will they be able to receive the same benefits?

Although it may not seem like it, social media marketing is actually perfect for local businesses. In fact, a growing number of people nowadays use social sites like Twitter and Facebook to find recommended businesses in their locality. These types of consumers are ready and willing to spend their money. Making your business available to them via social media can drastically increase your sales.

Social Techniques for Local Businesses

To get started on winning local social media marketing strategy, here are some important steps you must follow:


Although people these days are active on several social networking platforms, there’s often only one or two sites that they regularly visit and update. Determine which social sites your target consumers prefer and focus your marketing efforts there. This way, you can make sure you’re advertising to the right people.


Once you’ve chosen the ideal social media platforms, the next step is to schedule time to create your profile. Bear in mind that when it comes to online marketing, first impressions matter. Make sure your profile reflects your company goals and culture. Use information consistently throughout all your social media accounts. Also, make it a point to post and update your profile regularly. It would be a good idea to schedule your updates on a specific day and time of the week, just like you would on a blog post. This way, your target audience would know when to check your profile for updates. This also ensures a steady stream of traffic for your social media account.


Twitter is among the most popular social sites these days. Establishing a strong local following on this platform can help increase brand exposure, boost website traffic, and get you more business recommendations. Make sure your company’s Twitter account is active by following and consistently interacting with customers and influential people in your community. Following various relevant organisations in your locality will also be beneficial. Another effective technique is to use sector and location-based hashtags in your tweets. If used wisely, Twitter hashtags can do wonders for your business’ exposure.


Google+ is another essential social media site for businesses. By setting up a Local Business or Place Page in Google+, you can add relevant information like business hours, address, and contact details that will be integrated in Google Maps and YouTube. These details will help make it easier for consumers to find you as your business will rank higher in Google search results as well as in the “Local to Me” tab on Google+.


Facebook is a common online marketing starting point for local businesses. Check if the information on your Facebook profile page is accurate and up-to-date. Take time with filling out the “About” section of the page completely, highlighting the aspects that make your business unique. Make sure you add personality into your business description as well. This will help keep your target audience interested in reading your posts. This will also help make your business more relatable and approachable.

Bottom Line

As with other marketing strategies, there is no one fixed formula that will guarantee success for your social media promotions. You’ll need to continuously try different techniques and determine which will work best for your company. Be creative, think out of the box and always dare to be different. Moreover, make it a point to stay relevant to your audience and location. This way, you can consistently get great results. Here are some more tips on how to make the most of your social media marketing campaign.

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