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How to Unlock HTC One X Phone

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How to Unlock HTC One X Phone

admin April 23, 2013

If your HTC one X mobile phone is locked, it means it will only accept SIM Card from the network the phone was purchased with. However, making your HTC One X phone unlocked is very easy and less time consuming. You only required unlocking code’ that is unique to your mobile. It is a jam-packed mobile phone with outstanding features, but you cannot use them to your phone is locked. There are few steps, which are given below will teach you how to unlock you HTC One X phone:

Step 1: You can get your HTC One X phone IMEI number by typing *#06# into your phone keypad, a screen will display with showing a 15 digit number, which is the unique IMEI number of your mobile phone. Note it down as it will be use later in locking process.

Step 2: Now you need unlocking code, which you can get from your network provider, but in some cases they won’t able to provide unlock code  till they have complete believe on you, and its takes time may be from6 to 12 months. So, you can get or buy your code from any unlocking website. You can take help of Internet.

Step 3: Unlocking website will provide you unlock code over phone or by email.

Step 4: Now insert a SIM Card that not works with your HTC mobile cell.

Step 5: After inserting the SIM Card, Power up your HTC One X, and enter unlock code that you have received over phone or by email from unlocking website.

Step 6: Now, enter unlock code into your HTC mobile, and wait for a while, and your phone is unlocked now.

With the help of these simple and easy steps, you can unlock your HTC One X mobile phone in minutes, and can enjoy any wireless network on your phone.

It is advice to you that buy online code from your local unlocking website and you can search on the Internet according to your location by city, for example, if you live in Mumbai then search for htc mobile repair Mumbai. You will have a list of various different repair centers as there are many htc service centers in Mumbai. Therefore, before buying code from anyone, do a little research about that service centre like ask your friends, read customer reviews, by visiting the centre, etc. You can also compare charges on buying htc mobile code by asking various mobile repair service centers and go for the best one.

Author bio – Reena works in tech industry and currently working for Acma Tech which is one of the trusted htc service centers in Mumbai.


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