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How To Relocate Your Office

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How To Relocate Your Office

admin March 29, 2013

Relocating can be very stressful, but there are so many things you can do ahead of time in order to make your relocating experience smooth and easy. If you intend to relocate your office whether big or small, then this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss detailed steps on how to make your relocation experience smooth sailing.

Inform Your Customers/Clients Ahead Of Time

If you finally decided to relocate your business, then make it a point to inform your clients ahead of time. Of course, you can put a signage at the door stating you will be relocating your business soon, but there are other avenues you can take in order to inform your clients such as shooting an email, updating your online company profile address, or changing the information on your homepage. But these are only applicable to businesses with official website.


There should be a point person or a specialized team that will be handling the relocation. The person or team should come up with a checklist needed in order to ensure that everything is well taken care of starting from the big details of moving down to the very minute details.

Have A Timetable

If you are a businessman, then you know very well the value of time. Hence, when relocating your business you should have a timetable and make sure to stick with it. Make it a point that the relocation will be done within the stipulated period of time.


Do not forget to reroute important services including the mails, water, electricity, telephone, and internet.  These are actually major services you need to keep your business going. You should inform and do rerouting at least one month prior to relocating. This will ensure that everything is well taken care of and that same services are available on your new location.

Put Everything Into Writing

You should document everything whether it is a large or a small move. As much as possible, you should conduct a detailed inventory of your equipment, materials, and tools. This will actually make the moving process more systematic and organized. You can easily track down if something is missing with your equipment upon relocation. If you have so many things to pack and you think you can’t handle it all by yourself, then it would be best if you are going to hire the service of a highly experienced moving company. These companies will make the packing and unpacking of equipment easier for you.

Hire The Service Of Experts

If you have highly fragile materials and equipment with you, then it would be a wise decision to hire the service of professional packers. As mentioned above, there are so many packing and unpacking companies out there. They will pack your equipment and safely transport it to your new location. They can also unpack the equipment paying particular attention to detail to make sure that your equipment is safe.

Make The Relocation Process A Big Event

Relocating your business is indeed a perfect time to win new clients. Hence, you should make this as an event to remember. You can come up with different strategies to win new clients or to let your old clients visit your new location. You can give discounts with every minimum purchase of your products and services, freebies, and other special services.

Author Bio :- Josephine Lee is a proprietor of a small business located in Austin. When she and her family relocated to Houston, she decided to relocate her business too. Hence, she makes use of various strategies to retain her customers as well as win new customers in her new location. She gives more emphasis on the interior design of her new business location and used this as an edge to further improve her business. To find out more information about office relocation, feel free to visit Officeprinciples.com


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