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How to Protect Joomla Website from Google Panda Effect

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How to Protect Joomla Website from Google Panda Effect

lucycollins May 7, 2013

The Google Panda update changed the search algorithms which dictate where sites appear on the Google search engine rankings. The quality of the content on the website now takes precedence over traditional SEO techniques like keyword stuffing and backlinks. This changes the whole landscape of SEO, and many sites have had to radically rethink how they approach search engine marketing.


What You Should Do

Lower Your Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who visit your website only to leave within a very short amount of time. There will always be a small bounce rate for people who clicked onto your site accidentally. But it should always remain minimal. Google considers it as a sign of low quality content, poor design, and pointless information.

Improve your site and market it towards a more relevant audience and you’ll see these bounce rates go down. This causes sites to rise up the Google search engine rankings.


Show how reliable you are. Highlight how you’re not just some random website based in the backroom of your house. Emphasise it by showing off a corporate address and mentioning any company registration details. If it’s relevant in the real world, it’s certainly relevant on Google. Ensure this is factual, though.

Keep things consistent with local business details, and ensure you update these directories when you do make changes to your contact information. This is a sign of quality in itself.


Promote Social Media

All the major social media websites have been designated by Google as high quality websites due to their global reach and powers of promotion. More inbound links from social media increases your significance. And your Joomla site will improve as a result.

Interact with your customers in the long-term. Demonstrating your social media accounts interact with clients and readers is automatically a bonus to Google. Large numbers of followers and friends can do the world of good for any Joomla site suffering as a result of Google Panda.

Inbound Links

Low quality inbound links will do more harm to your website than good. It’s why it’s never a good idea to purchase packages which include link exchanges. All they do is put your site at risk in the long run. You risk having a set of low quality links which sends your website to the bottom of the Google search engine rankings.

Only create an inbound link if it’s from a reputable website. In addition, pay attention as to how you anchor these links. Use too many anchor links with the same text and you risk being penalised for it.

Clicking Rates

The click-through rate is the number of people which click onto your website after it appears on a page of the Google search engine. The Google Panda update indicates you have to have a higher click-through rate or risk losing your ranking. What it means is you need to have relevant keywords.

Before, it was simple to pick any old keyword and rank highly for it. Now, if people don’t click on your website (which they won’t if it isn’t a relevant keyword) you won’t get a high ranking.

What to Stay Away From


The world of spamming in SEO is dead. By all means, continue harassing people through email, but try it in SEO and it will spell the end of your website. High keyword densities don’t apply any longer. A maximum of two or three keyword uses on every page is sufficient enough to avoid being labelled as a spammer.

Advertising Issues

Google Panda highlights how you determine the value of a website by how useful it is to the reader. Advertisements go against the usefulness of a website. Spam your website with advertisement and your site becomes far less useful, in the eyes of Google. It doesn’t spell the end of advertisements, but keep them limited to the side bars.

The principle of the matter is you are there to serve the reader. You are not there to serve exclusively your own ends by bombarding the reader with lots of advertisements relating to things they most likely won’t purchase in the first place.

Concentrate on building your own brand. Interact with your customers and they’ll buy whatever you want to sell. If you come across as a useful website, any readers are more likely to click on your advertisements and affiliate links and buy something.

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