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How to improve your site’s SEO: See Priority Checklist

Search Engine SEO

How to improve your site’s SEO: See Priority Checklist

lucycollins October 7, 2013

SEO is needed to drive traffic to the website and there is no doubt that organic SEO links generate more clicks than PPC. Also, the higher you rank in search engine the more traffic you get. Both on-page and off-page optimization is important to get the desired results. The below SEO checklist will help you improve the search engine ranking of the website.

The topic of SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be as dry as unbuttered toast. However, this is an essential tool for all start-ups, guaranteed to generate traffic to your website. SEO is a way of optimizing your site to draw visitors through search engines. This is an art that can be mastered with skills and expert guidance. For your reference here is the SEO priority checklist that can make a huge difference to site ranking and revenue:

  • Include Navigation Links: A customer who might be looking for your business will also be interested in the contact details. Consider putting in navigation links upfront for the visitors to ensure easy navigation. When a search engine crawls through your site through these links. Remember, if customers can browse through the site happily, search engines can as well.
  • Descriptive and relevant page copy: This is your first level of marketing. Create a homepage title and write a brief description about your service. When a client has entered a search query in Google, this is the first thing that will pop up about your web site.
  • Core content: Serve visitors what they like on the platter. Core content includes things such as your offer, service costs, reviews, contact information, and address.
  • Be a part of directories and search engines: The more listings you have, the more you will get noticed. Consider getting listed with main players such as Yahoo, Google Plus, and Yelp. Then consider local government directories and businesses of your area.
  • Add credibility to your site by including testimonials/reviews: Encourage customers to post reviews about your services, and if plausible, offer them incentives for doing so. Reviews can be posted in search engines, on your website, or even on blogs. This is a great way to get business by relying on referrals.
  • Social Media Websites: Sign up for a couple of social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or Blogspot. Encourage your customers to write reviews on these sites. This will quickly expose your business to more viewers. Social media platforms are a great way to interact with your customers personally.
  • Offer Free Stuff: Post on-topic content related to your business’s services. Publish it on your social media page or website. This increases your chances of getting noticed by search engines.
  • Devise a mobile-optimized website: SEO is not just for the internet, it applies to cell phones as well. Mobile use is growing at unprecedented rates, so it is a good idea to learn this technique as well.
  • Use Google Analytics: Download Google Analytics and install it on every page. This will give you an idea of who is using your website. This will give you access to user specific data that separates traditional and digital marketing techniques.
  • Google’s Webmaster Tools: This feature enables you to see how a search engine interacts with your website. It will help you find out which internal links are recognized, is Google crawling your website, and which external links are pointing towards your page.

By applying SEO techniques to your website, you will greatly increase your company’s visibility, sales, and business growth.

Author Bio:- Satyendra works at Techmagnate as an SEO professional as well as teach in SEO Institute but spends a lot of his time hanging out on Social Media. He’s the perfect example of blurring lines between search and social marketing. Get more Insights on his blog and get information about SEO course in Delhi here.


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