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How a Business Website Helps Boost Your Marketing Efforts


How a Business Website Helps Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Matthew Parry July 3, 2014

Today, most companies have already created a website to promote their brand. It’s to be expected though as there are many reasons why creating a business website proves beneficial and these include:

»        To show who your company is and what you do

»        To promote and sell your company’s products and services

»        To compete with other companies that already possess websites

»        To keep current and up to date in the digital age

»        To conduct business online and interact with current and future clients

If you still aren’t convinced to build a corporate site then you may need to rethink how you promote your company, and perhaps gain a better understanding of the importance of digital marketing.

Digital marketing

Engaging in some form of digital marketing is essential in today’s day and age, if not for any other reason than to keep up with the competition. Before you commence your efforts, you need to have a website created. Then you can arrange for digital marketing techniques like search engine optimisation at a later date.

When creating a website for business purposes, it is advisable to work with a digital firm that can take care of every aspect of the creation of the website as well as digital marketing. That way your website will be optimised for techniques like SEO and PPC that you are going to use to bring it to the attention of potential clients and customers.

What makes a great business website?

It pays to have an idea the essentials in web design and development, but it’s even better to know the mistakes to avoid when creating a website for business purposes. Here are five factors that contribute to the creation of an excellent business website, one that serves the purpose for which it has been created.

»        A roadmap that makes sense to visitors

»        Essential information about your company

»        Clear, understandable navigation

»        Contact information

»        Social media integration

These are among the most important to take note of when creating a website that will be optimised for digital marketing, though they aren’t the only factors that make an excellent business website.

Instilling faith in visitors

It is also very important to instil faith in those who visit your website. One of the most effective and time-proven ways of instilling faith and confidence in visitors to your website is to prominently display the SSL certificate that encrypts communications between your company and your clients. This helps to allay their fears concerning identity theft and will help to increase their confidence when providing their personal details online. Of your many options concerning SSL certificates, some of the most prominent are Entrust, GeoTrust, TrustE and VeriSign.

Having a business website is essential in today’s day and age – there is no other way to look at it. If you want to know how you can get an amazing website for your brand, get in touch with a leading SEO agency in your area.

Matthew Parry

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