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Google Announces Nexus 5 With a Latest Android Update

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Google Announces Nexus 5 With a Latest Android Update

admin October 24, 2013

With a leak of the next Google Nexus on the google play store accidently, Google has confirmed the soon-to-be launch of the Google Nexus 5. Although, the phone was listed on the playstore only for a brief period, it cleared many doubts and mysteries revolving around the Nexus 5.Google Nexus is a series of mobile devices that run under the Android operating system and has been produced by Google in close collaboration with several other manufacturers.

It is true that all the android manufacturers or owners of devices that run with android OS have lined up their offering for this holiday season, Google has also tried its stance to release the new iconic version of Nexus. This new Smartphone in the Nexus series would bethe next flagship Smartphone from Google and 5th model in the series.

Codenamed as hammerhead at Google, the Nexus 5 is one of the most awaited phones from the company, and it is yet to see what all it has to offer against the competitors that may include Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. Although the company has not announced the release date of the device, but it is expected to be launched by the end of October, 2013.The launch of Nexus 5 may also be accompanied by that of Nexus 10. Reportedly, the Nexus 5 will come with the very next Android OS v4.4 Kit Kat.


Nexus is expected to be based on the hardware of LG flagship, similar to Nexus 4 and would carry the specifications similar to that of LG G2. Its integral features are an4.95-inch display with complete high definition IPS, Snapdragon that has been clocked at 2.3 Hz, 3 GB RAM space and 32GB storage space. IT would feature a rear facing camera of 8 MP resolutions and a front facing camera of 1.3 MP resolutions.The phone would be powered by a 2300 mAh battery and would be compatible with slim port. It is also expected to sport a series of sensors that includes compass, proximity sensor, pressure and light sensors, accelerometer etc. let us consider and discuss these features in detail here.


Though the device has a smaller display compared to the 5.2 inch display of LG G2, it will have ambient brightness, color calibration and viewing angles with a resolution of 445 ppi. But, it is better to wait until the phone is launched to cross match the display features of Nexus with that of LG G2.

RAM storage and Processors:

Nexus 5 is likely to be operated with a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip that is comprised of 400 at 2.3 GHz processor. This processor is faster and efficient than its predecessors as well as the processors in most devices launched in 2013. Devices that have used this processor in the past have performed exceptionally well such as the Sony Xperia and Galaxy note, let us expect the same from nexus 5 as well. It would be equipped with two storage options, 16 and 32 GB, but would lack micro SD support.

Camera and battery:

Nexus 5 would carry the same 13 MP camera as that of G2 device and is expected to carry a different 8MP camera at its rear end. The camera module would have IMX sensor made by Sony. It is expected that nexus 5 would be the first device in its family to feature a camera which is better than a mediocre camera. It would feature a 2300 mAh battery compatible with Qi wireless chargers.


The usual LTE would be absent in this model a Nexus 5 would support download speeds up to 150 Mbps and would support GSM, W-CDMA and LTE along with the usual list of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc. Though it is based on the same hardware platform as that of LG G2, the phone would feature a different and unique design, it would feature a conventional button set up with power and volume controls on the sides.  Just like its processors, this version would be an uninterrupted piece of glass with a shimmering pattern and would be replaced by rubbery texture. It would be slightly larger and lighter compared with nexus 4.


Without much discussion, the nexus 5 would feature Android OS, 4.4 Kit Katversion, which has been announced long time back, the real upgradations that have been made with the OS would become evident only after the launch of the device. The OS would improve the level of consumption of resources and get the OS compatible with its other devices. This version would feature a 64 bit operating system with a grey white theme that would replace the neon blue version of android. The navigation bar and the status bar would remain transparent and would retain apps in their background. The camera button at the right bottom corner of the screen and could be used with a lock screen as well by swiping from the right.

Cost and date of launch:

People anticipate the launch of Google Nexus 5 to happen somewhere in October, after a year of launch of nexus 4, Google is also trying to clear out stocks of its previous versions before its next launch. More recent and credible news leaks reveal that it could be launched before October 31st of this year. And thanks to the low price tag of nexus 5, it could be priced anywhere between $300 and $350 for its 16 GB version.


People are indeed getting themselves ready for the launch of Nexus 5 which is anticipated to happen in a few weeks. With this article, a enough and clear idea would have been drafted on the integrities of the device, we have learnt its specification from the hardware point of view, but for real user experience and surprises that could come in our way, we would have to wait for its official launch. Keep watching and learning the news and leaks on nexus 5 to compare anticipations with reality.

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