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Galaxy S8 Launch Will Gain Samsung Mobile Position Again

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Galaxy S8 Launch Will Gain Samsung Mobile Position Again

admin November 29, 2016

There has been a report lately about the launch of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 that is expected to make Samsung regain its position again. The report also claims that Samsung is about to offer its Galaxy S8 in two different sizes in order to win back the customer base that desired to purchase a Galaxy Note 7 phablet. In an effort to attract the prospective Note customers who favor a large screen, the mobile giant has decided on adapting to larger screens for both the new models of S8. The report further cites that Samsung won’t give away a flat Galaxy S8 version and that the larger version would come out with a new naming scheme that would probably include the term ‘plus’.

Talking about the features of upcoming Samsung Mobile, it is guaranteed that the gadget could flaunt some of the greatest and latest mobile hardware for the year 2017, however Samsung keeps the details behind closed doors. But, you can expect to find a quite interesting set of features that would drive consumers’ attention instantly. A report from Korea’s media says that Samsung made a special focus on home button, incorporating its functionality into the display rather, same as that of Apple’s rumored iPhone 8. When it comes to displays, recently there is a trend of 5.1 inch panels that stays as a considerable middle-ground catering to most users. Galaxy S8 is expected to follow suit, though a report from Korea highlighted about two variants, including 6.2 inches and 5.7 inches.


It is estimated that 2017 would be the year for Samsung to shift to a 4K display followed by the introduction of QHD screen on Galaxy S6. It is suggested by another report that one of the variants of galaxy S8 would use 4K resolution screen. The main debate over the launch of 4K display is the rising popularity of virtual reality. If Samsung changed to a 4K panel, consumers can enjoy a significantly improved VR experience. The good news to hear from a report that Samsung display shows off a 5.5 ultra high definition 4K display having a pixel density of 806ppi at the society for information display for virtual reality devices in the display trade show that took place in California. Looking into different factors like the rate of production yield for next generation display anticipated to increase in the coming months, the AMOLED 5.5 inch will be used in next galaxy smartphone, perhaps, named the S8.

There is also a talk Galaxy S8 will be available only with a curved edge display that is hinted by Samsung executive that flat screens would be going away for good reason. It has been considered by Samsung that it would make the edge display as the highlight of the Galaxy S smart phone series if the company can offer customers distinct user experience through user-friendly functions and software. It is also deemed that Samsung is securing curved displays in 5.5 and 5.1 inch variants from its very own Samsung display division.


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