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Free Virus Protection Apps for Your Laptops

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Free Virus Protection Apps for Your Laptops

admin October 7, 2013

Do you own a laptop and a frequent visitor to the web? If yes, then a laptop virus protection is a basic prerequisite to safeguard your laptop from copious virus twiddling round the web. Viruses are enhancing and modifying each day and have the potential to elude from antivirus programs. After being introduced into the laptop, these viruses get multiplied and thus eventually damage the laptop.

Every laptop requires software for security which holds firewall, anti-spyware and anti-protection. An online hunt can help you to be informed about the most recently updated and utilised virus protection programs for laptops. We have compiled a list of some free antivirus software that can be availed online for theprotection of your laptop against malware infection. Let’s have a look at it.


AVG Free Antivirus – This is one of the famed and top downloaded antivirus programs that protect your laptop.  The reason for holding the top position is its entry with a thorough malware protection and regular upgrades. Reports have opened up that during the beginning of the year; AVG identified 99 percent of threats. They were able to pick nearly 98 to 99 per cent of unidentified threats. AVG antivirus is one of the outstanding antiviruses available, and has scored 5.5 out of 6 for protection.

Microsoft Windows Defender- This one is a free software and defender against unwanted software and spyware. With windows 7 they come out as user friendly software, with additional options for scanning and simple procedures. An added feature called ‘Clean system’ is of more value which by a single click scours all suspected software. Windows 8 has windows defender installed in it, but there are quite simple variations when a comparison is made amongst windows 8 and windows 7, vista, XP. Reports have opened up that windows defender 4.0 has detected nearly 82 percent threats during the January.

Avast Free Antivirus – When talking about free anti-protection applications for laptops, Avast free antivirus also resides in the list. This antivirus is one among the top downloaded free software which stands as a protection against Trojans and spyware.  Avast free is designed for windows 8 with added features which stands as a reason for its success. It is user friendly and leads you directly to virus scan, system status, software updates and lots more. A subscription can be to enjoy features such as firewall and a safe zone. The cloud features are another added advantage of Avast free antivirus.

Check point zone alarm free- This is another big shot amongst free antivirus software. With excellent system performance and a holding a score of 4.5 out of 6 from AV test, check point zone free alarm is at its peak. The two way firewall which is inbound and outbound prevents threats marching in and also blocks the way out with its firewall. The added advantage of check point zone alarm is its full stealth mode which it indiscernible to hackers.

Panda Security Cloud Antivirus- is free online software which enhances the security of your laptop. When a comparison is made with other antivirus solutions, panda security cloud anti -protection has enhanced detection capabilities. They are user friendly to use with updated versions. Numerous types of threats, malwares and unknown viruses can be detected online with panda cloud. They are comfortable with the latest browsers and offer fast and effective protection. Your laptop is assured of safety while at work, play or browsing with excellent technical support.

Avira free antivirus- Another free trusted and award winning antivirus is the Avira free antivirus software which holds the responsibility of protecting your laptop against Trojans, worms, viruses and threats. It keeps a track of every action and can discover and confiscate nearly 150000 viruses. When a comparison is made with other anti-protection software, this one excels and stands right at the top due to its performance. Antirootkit, AntiDialer, AntiVir, AntiPhishing and AntiSpyWare protection are available with Avira. This fast, efficient and powerful antivirus is available free online to safeguard to laptop from viruses. Run online and utilise this opportunity to protect your laptop.

Bit Defender- is another free anti-protection application to guard your laptops against viruses. The technology that bit defender utilises is excellent which offers maximum strength against viruses and threats. Bit defender uses ICSA lab certified scanning engines which for a virus protection feature. You have scheduled scanning for periodical scanning periods and immediate scanning for instant scanning. Quarantine is a feature where you can detach the infected files and later send to bit defender labs. Reports can also be generated to known the scanning data and the virus status.

Norton Antivirus- Is another option which aids in protecting your laptops from viruses, worms and Trojans. They are prestigious and stand out to be one of the crowned products in the security market. They are able to point out threats which are lingering in the laptops and pave way to eliminate them. It just uses a few moments to install and download. They are quick in scanning and also pop up with updates and performance alerts. Web browsing, emails and downloads is the route through which viruses enter and Norton has a special filter for this purpose which accomplishes its duty without interrupting work. The most recent update about Norton is the added ‘threat removal layer’ which makes a deep search and abolishes the viruses.

Baidu Antivirus – Another choice to free your laptops from threats just free of cost is Baidu antivirus from Beijing. A complete and quick scan of your laptop form high level issues and custom scan is also available for specific issues with Baidu. The added advantages that your laptop can enjoy from Baidu antivirus are the web access protection, self-defence, proactive defence and file system protection. Feedback windows are available to provide suggestions along with image attachment facility to gain a clear idea about the issues. They are simple and user friendly to use which accomplished a quick scan with feedbacks.

If you possess a laptop and utilise it for daily work or other activities it is mandatory to install anti-protection software for it. There are plenty of software’s which are completely free and hold a number of added features. Make a comparison which would suit your laptop’s configuration and pick the right one for your laptop without wasting time. The software available online are user friendly and easy to download and install them without issues.

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