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Follow these tips to Get the best Home Gaming Experience

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Follow these tips to Get the best Home Gaming Experience

admin May 15, 2013

Gaming is not for kids anymore, especially if we were to take into account the complexity of today’s video games. Thousands of grown-ups are passionate players on different gaming consoles like the Xbox or the PlayStation. Families are realizing that their children are obsessed with gaming. And what can be done in this situation? They can play together!

There’s nothing more enticing than enjoying a strategy multi-player game with your father or singing karaoke on a Wii with your beloved mother. If you are parent who likes playing a typical game such as Centipede or Pac-Man, if you prefer a console game such as the famous Mario Kart, or if you spend your time together with your child, struggling to identify the newest traps of the newest version of Kingdom Hearts, either way it means that you have the possibility to do an activity that appeals to both of you and which also augments family fun.

But keep in mind that this means something else too. If you are playing simultaneously, you are sharing, and probably overusing, the home network that you have. The problem with home networks is that they might be constrained with bandwidth solicitations, particularly if many systems are functioning simultaneously. In order to understand better, here is an example: dad is using the Xbox in order to play games in his office, mom is sitting on the coach enjoying her favorite game, Sudoku, daughter is utilizing her tablet to play Words with Friends, and finally, son is taking pleasure in PlayStation online with his friend that lives next door.

If this sounds familiar to you, then you should know that you definitely need a router which is able to function at an increased capacity, without obstructing the experience of anyone who is playing or merely browsing through different online pages.

If you’ve decided to buy a router, it is best to look for an effective and proficient one. A good idea would be to take a look at the Western Digital My Net HD routers. There are several excellent models, such as N750, N900 Central, N600 and N900 Central. Since these routers present the FastTrack technology, they can bear many content solicitations, and offer superior quality, HD amusement whenever you need. The greatest aspect of these routers is that they are able to cleverly prioritize bandwidth for everything you might need to do- play, take part in a video conference, or just surf the internet.

The FastTrack technology takes bandwidth from one activity and provides it to other activity, in order to make certain that the main process has the speed it necessitates. In other words, nothing will stop you from becoming involved in the greatest fights in World of Warcraft, and you won’t have to bring to an end your film download when someone from your house wants to watch a movie on Netflix.

So don’t waste another second, and start searching for a router that will offer you the opportunity to have a whale of a time with your family. Each member will be able to use the internet however he/she wishes. Internet speed is equally important if you want to enjoy the gaming experience to the fullest. Also, if you’re a PC enthusiast make sure to invest in a top quality device. An i5 or an i3 PC might be an excellent choice, and make sure to have the latest version of Windows 8.

In the end, the remedy for an unforgettable game experience is to play the game with your dear ones. Hence, you’ll have an amazing time and you’ll want to do it again every single weekend.

Author Bio: Jason Phillips wrote this adorable article. He usually enjoys playing games with his family. Also he is a fan of Sniper Games and plays them online at Sniper Games 365.


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