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Five of the Best TVs Under £1,000

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Five of the Best TVs Under £1,000

admin August 8, 2013

There are a lot of great TVs available on the market now, though it seems some of them will set your wallet back a few years. There are, however, cheaper options available out there. And believe me, you don’t have to sacrifice quality to find them! Let’s take a look at a few of the best options available to the “under £1,000” crowd.

Panasonic TX-P50ST60

This one’s pretty nice. For just about £999.00 you get a pretty solidly featured mid-range plasma offering. You get a 50 inch plasma display with 3D playback capabilities, USB media playback and video recording functions, and a pretty crisp HD display. Panasonic was first on the market with 3D televisions so you know they have the most experience of all the major manufacturers with this technology, although some say their quality with 3D is no longer up to par with its competitors. Still, we didn’t find anything to complain about with this TV for what you’re paying.


This one clocks in at just under £1,000 and is a good value for those looking for a larger screen (50 inches) with good technical specs that won’t break the bank. It’s a plasma screen that also has 3D playback abilities although this was not the best we have ever seen. Panasonic and Sony seem to win most 3D tests compared to LG. But if you’re not looking for 3D perfection, the amazing, bright, and crisp HD and SD displays for all things 2D will quite frankly, leave you wondering how you snagged this thing for as cheap as you did.

Sony KDL-46EX653

This one is an LCD, not a plasma, but at about £900 for a 46 inch screen that will blow you away (X-Reality technology!), uh, yes please. The high definition quality is stellar and the standard definition performs solidly as well. This one has Wi-Fi built in so you can use your favourite TV, movie and even social media apps with it. It’s not a 3D television, no, but we didn’t mind that because the other features are so great. If you just want solid 2D performance then this might be your best pick.


A 47 inch LCD with full HD and 3D capability for just over £950? Ok, we were impressed. The 2D quality didn’t live up to the Sony KDL-46EX653 above, but hey, it was good enough, with both HD and SD modes performing reliably. And frankly, the addition of 3D at only a fraction more might make this a good pick for those in the market for a cheap 3D-capable LCD. This one also has USB and Wi-Fi capabilities built-in.

Samsung UE40ES7000

Ok, this one is just over £1,000 but just barely, so we feel ok including it on this list. For what you get, this is one awesome tube anyway. The Sony wins again on the 2D front, but this one just might be the 3D winner of this list. The full HD was beautiful in the 2D mode, but dang, the 3D was impressive. This one had the most full-featured suite of online apps like Netflix, Hulu, and a variety of other media viewing services. If you want a TV that you might not even need a cable plan for, this could be it. Doesn’t that make up for the few extra bills you’ll pay for the box? Yeah, this one is only 40 inches, but the features it packs more than make up for that.

Don’t get me wrong, I love 60 inch high-def televisions too! But sometimes, the price for one is just a bit ridiculous. This is why I think the TVs on this list represent a good blend of quality and affordability. You won’t really go wrong with any of the boxes on this list. But even these TVs aren’t exactly cheap so I recommend investing in some good insurance such as is offered by Protect Your Bubble UK for whatever TV you eventually settle on.

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