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Fake or Real Followers on Instagram: Who Wins That Battle Quantity & Quality?


Fake or Real Followers on Instagram: Who Wins That Battle Quantity & Quality?

admin January 6, 2014


It has become a common practice among internet marketers to leverage on social media which is described as one of the most powerful and effective tools for marketing and promoting their business online. Instagram is one of the social media platforms that were described to have a marketing value to the search engine algorithm primarily because of the strong social signals that Instagram followers can deliver to it. As you start building your social media signals for search it is crucial to establish a significant number of Instagram followers to be able to give your business a boost in the search result. This is why Instagram followers for sale have become quite popular in the internet today and many online marketers are willing to spend some amount to avail of this service but the question now comes on whether or not is it worth buying fake Instagram followers or you are better off in building real followers on Instagram instead?

Fake Instagram followers not worth the risk

It is best to understand that getting fake Instagram followers will certainly hurt your social media marketing efforts. It can send a bad signal to the search engine which is a smart technology in identifying fake followers and inorganic traffic that is going on to your Instagram account. However, the practice of Instagram followers for sale service has been around for quite some time and many proved to be a legitimate service that aims to deliver only high quality traffic to your Instagram posts by providing real Instagram followers and not run by bots. In this sense, it can be adduced that buying Instagram followers can certainly give your Instagram posts a boost in terms of gaining popularity to the social media channels and increasing the trustworthiness of your brand.

Real Instagram followers remain to be the golden rule in social media marketing

There are repercussions whenever you use fake Instagram followers. As the search engine algorithm tracks downs the number of likes and followers to your Instagram post it can easily detect whether they come from fake or legit Instagram users. There is a danger that the algorithm of the search engine will mark your Instagram posts as a spam which will definitely pull down your search ranking and affect your search engine optimization efforts. Real Instagram followers provide you the advantage of growing the number of your Instagram followers naturally thereby building your organic traffic and brand popularity without hurting your brand image to the search engine.

Should you pursue quantity or quality of Instagram followers?

Quantity of Instagram followers can significantly affect your Instagram post popularity. As more people start to like and follow your posts, it will likely catch the attention of other Instagram users and they will certainly want to join your circle of followers. You can always leverage on the popularity of the number of your followers to entice others to follow you as well. The more followers you have the better popularity you acquire for your Instagram post.

The quality of your Instagram followers will likewise affect your search engine marketing. Fake Instagram followers will have a negative impact to your SEO efforts if you are building the number of your Instagram followers rather quickly and unnaturally. Most importantly, buying Instagram followers that are operated by bots will bring demise to your social media marketing efforts. As a general rule, if you want to purchase Instagram followers to increase your brand popularity you can always avail the Instagram for sale service while making sure that they deliver to you both the quantity and quality (organic) followers to your Instagram account.

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