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Facebook vs. Google+: The Showdown

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Facebook vs. Google+: The Showdown

admin December 24, 2013

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Facebook and Google + are largest social media networks and they have millions of daily visitors. Both these networks are competing in their design, customers, promotions, applications and other grabbing features. Both networks have an increasing number of sales and they are in tough competition. Do you want to know which one is better? Although this is very difficult to compare social media network these days, but continue reading to clear the difference.

Showdown of Facebook Vs Google +:

Below mentioned comparisons will represent the core features of two largest social media networks.

  • Facebook vs. Google+ Ad – Both social media networks are offering biggest advertising campaigns to promote the social websites. Although Google is maintaining largest advertising campaigns through its Google adsense and PPC campaigns, but Facebook is offering demographic ads. Google does not offer demographic ads.

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  • Friend lists – Facebook and Google +, both are offering friend lists and the difference is the style of adding people in these lists. Google+ adds friends in circles and it is mandatory for everyone to choose a specific circle before adding anyone in his/her Google + network. On the other side, Facebook does not offer any restriction on adding people on their friend lists and thus minimize the option of interaction with different categories in different ways.
  • Google+ hangout VS Facebook (No hang out) – Another great feature of Google + is its hangout feature. This feature is missing in Facebook. This group video chat allows 20 people to join the groups at one time from any part of the world. You can interact with any group any time by just pressing a hangout button and selecting the list of people with whom you want to talk.
  • Games – If we compare gaming feature, millions of people want to play online games and they also play in groups. Games and a couple of interesting applications are present on Facebook ,but these are not found on Google+. Google+ thats why grabbing lesser number of gamers to join and play games. Most of Facebook users spend their free time in playing amazing games.
  • Likes and pan pages – Social media networks offer a “like” feature that has different styles and shapes in different platforms. You will see a “thumb up” sign in Facebook and in Google you will see “+1” for liking the posts. These likes show your popularity and how many friends have seen your posts. But, if we talk about pages then Google+ has no pan pages. Facebook fan pages are major attractions for people to interact and know their favorite celebrities and their personal activities.

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The biggest social media networks are competing with each other in above mentioned factors. There are certain other factors that are considered and it is expected that in the coming years, both networks will attract billions of users. Google+ is considered somehow better because its +1 feature may or may not affect the Google page rankings.

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