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Email to Fax: Why Bother?

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Email to Fax: Why Bother?

admin February 11, 2013

This guest post is submitted by Mark from Email to Fax As technology keeps developing at a faster and faster rate, more people are asking what the next logical step in moving their business forward is? While some may argue for the case of social media, or for offering more services or products, there may be one part of any business that makes sense and that is really cost-effective to implement.

Fax to email has become one of the most important parts of any business. Because faxing is outdated, and a big waste of money, many people have given it up all together in favour of email. But what they don’t realize is that faxing is not dead. It has just changed its form slightly to accommodate new technology.

Using your email to send faxes just makes sense. Not only is it better for your business and for the planet, but it is a faster way of getting important documents from one place to another. And, thanks to the introduction of tablets and smartphones, anyone can fax from just about anywhere. Ultimately what this means for your business is that you can communicate with anyone, anywhere and send them any documents that need to be read, signed or even updated within a matter of seconds.

Faxing is not dead by any stretch of the imagination, but as with so many other pieces of technology it has had to adapt to meet the new needs of businesses, of customers and of the world. This is why fax to email exists and why it has become a tool that smart business owners are using more frequently. For those who have not yet adopted it, the question must be asked: what do you have to lose? Not only is fax to email more affordable, more convenient and better for your customers, but it is also better for the environment. To have a tool like this at your disposal and not use it just doesn’t make sense. This is why, when thinking about new ways to update your business and keep it current, fax to email should be at the top of the list.


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