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The Elephant App: A New Revolution In Mindful Habits!

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The Elephant App: A New Revolution In Mindful Habits!

admin February 27, 2018

Creating habits take time. For everything that needs to be inculcated into your life as a full-time hobby, you need to be full of mindfulness and awareness. With the Elephant App, you can put everything you practice into a simple tracker mode, which can remind you of the activities throughout the day.

People are health conscious and need to keep track of everything that is meant to keep them updated. Be it drinking water, counting the number of steps, learning a new behaviour which is useful yet tricky, requires patient dedication and determination. With gentle reminders in place, you can easily keep up with the pace without any hassles with The Elephant App.

The Elephant App is a mindfulness app which helps you build new habits successfully without much ado. It helps you remember the time of the activity and constantly reminds you to repeat it unless you have mastered it successfully. After you have completed a self-fulfilling task because of the app, it allows you to reap the benefits of the behaviour in various forms.

Most of us tend to depend on various alarm kind of reminders to stay updated and focused. However, the Elephant app is completely compatible with your smartphone. Set up a reminder for a new habit that you want to develop over a period. You can customise it and make your habits or pick out from a list of pre-defined habits. Set that time which is a reminder for you to stay focused and perform the decided activity. It could be an instruction to relax, sit up straight, drink water, etc.

You could download the app from Apple Store or Play Store and configure it accordingly. An activity and habit tracker, the Elephant app is one that you need right now if you have been trying hard to stay on track with your newly developed habits.


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