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Display of Errors, While Loading Web Pages!

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Display of Errors, While Loading Web Pages!

admin May 13, 2013

Different errors in the browser display different messages and each message should be approached in different way, so that the issue can be solved without any confusion. Here are few of the errors with the precise reason.

SSL Certificate Error:

Whenever you connect to a website using HTTPs encryption, the browser checks for the legitimacy of the website and if it doesn’t find any proper evidence that proves the website to be legitimate, it shows this certificate error. At times, the website cannot prove its certification and situation can be worse, when an illicit website tries to impersonate a particular website to cause trouble to the users.

Reported Web Forgery:

Regardless of the browser you use, it downloads a list of websites that are not good for an internet user. These are the websites that are considered to be malicious. Certain websites are also, reported for stealing users’ sensitive info. These websites are listed down by the browser and in case, it detects that any of these websites is attempting to trick you, it will display the error of ‘web forgery’.

404 not found:

This is one of the most common error messages that you may come across. This message displays every time you attempt to view a page that doesn’t exist. There is a chance that the address that you type is not valid. So cross check the address, if this error appears. Another scenario could be that the particular web page has been removed. In that case, there is no point in trying, as it is you will see nothing.

Server not found:

Browser displaying the error message of ‘server not found’ could mean a lot of things. Commonly, the reason could be the wrong website address or the user is making an attempt to locate the website that doesn’t exist at all. Other likely reasons could be the misconfiguration of Firewall or other settings or couldn’t locate the DNS server.

Unable to connect:

‘Unable to connect’ or ‘server not found’ may look similar to you, but it is actually not. The error ‘unable to connect’ means that your request was connected to the DNS server; however there was no response from the website’s server. So, it is not the DNS server, but the website server is the culprit.

These are few of the errors, but there are other errors too that you need to take care of, every time you come across them.

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