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How to comment image in Facebook?

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How to comment image in Facebook?

admin August 14, 2013

Facebook has been the most popular social networking site in the world of internet. I doubt if there is a person who does not have a Facebook account. Facebook has given the facility to communicate in just some seconds with the fellow beings sitting across the world. People are addicted to Facebook due to its convenient service of sharing updates with others. It has provided every kind of security to satisfy the users.

Uploading photos has been the most active feature used on Facebook. People consider sharing pictures with others rather than chatting because pictures speak more than words can. Here you need to understand that pictures attract people more than something written and that is why Facebook has introduced a feature in Facebook, which includes the pictures in Facebook comments. Now you can add a picture on the comments so that the conversation can become more interesting and enjoyable.

I have recently noticed a lot of people getting active on this feature because they enjoy adding pictures on comments, which make the conversation last long. Bob Baldwin, who is an engineer on Facebook, says that this feature is made to keep the people more engaged with each other. He knew that pictures would do some wonderful to the Facebook community. Thus, now people tend to share pictures on comments rather than using words to communicate.

How to add image on Facebook comment

It is very simple to add the picture on the Facebook comment.

  • Go to the place where you type to comment on a thread. On the right side of it, you can see a camera icon.
  • You simply have to click on the icon to upload the picture.
  • You can upload the picture from your computer or any other photo sharing website.

If you remember there were only two ways to share images on Facebook, one was through the status bar and the other by sharing the pictures or uploading an album. Image commenting has become popular because it can be uploaded in between the conversation. The size of the image is as big as if you would share on the status.

This feature is not currently available on smartphones apps. Since it is a new feature, it will be facing some of the errors or bugs in the beginning and after few updates, it will be available in the smartphones apps as far as speculations are concerned.

Facebook keeps bringing updates to make sure that the users are satisfied and to keep at the top social networking website. I do not think so there is any other social network site, which is more reliable than Facebook because it has no security issues, and offers you features, which are very useful and enjoyable.

Recently Facebook has brought the update of hashtags and image commenting, which is being appreciated by a lot of people. People are actively using these features because it attracts them and that is what Bob Baldwin had intended to do.

Try Image commenting

If you have not tried the feature of image commenting on Facebook then you are surely missing something really exciting. Try it out as you get engaged in the conversation with your friends, and it will make the thread more attractive and exciting. I have used this feature and I am really fascinated by it, I enjoyed talking to my friends and had a good time with sharing funny pictures in comments by expressing our moods via pictures.

In nutshell, Facebook is good time pass even if you don’t intend to use it for talking to others everyday so whatever feature it bring you, do try it because it is worth using it. There is more to come by Facebook, as every time it brings something new and different for your convenient use.

Author Bio :- This post is written by Adeel Zia, A tech savvy and social media strategist. He love to explore social media networks and new technologies, he’s working on followermarket.com. You can follow Adeel on Google +1.


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