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Cloud Computing Enhances Colocation

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Cloud Computing Enhances Colocation

admin February 14, 2013

As technology continue its rapid evolution, and businesses make an effort to take advantage of its latest offerings, the task of unearthing information that genuinely discloses the best way forward becomes even more tricky. This is because many marketers jump on a bandwagon and promote the same views, while certain vital details often go unmentioned.

Larger Versus Smaller Businesses

Cloud computing is often marketed as a superior option to colocation or vice versa, but both hosting services can be used in conjunction with each other to provide a better service for your customers. Cloud computing offer startups an affordable solution to their data storage needs, and colocation is highly favored by larger entities as the better solution for building and maintaining their infrastructure.

The Value of Cloud Computing and Colocation

Businesses are mainly concerned with their ability to handle their IT infrastructure in a manner that will increase productivity, and lower their operating costs. Colocation offers this opportunity to companies and cloud providers, as they can offload the risks of growing capital costs, facility management and obsolescence, and spend time focusing on their goals. Businesses can run the same workload from a cloud computing service on a colocation service at a cheaper rate.

Essentially, cloud computing is pretty much like a computer room that is full of all the necessary equipment that can be easily accessed for a monthly fee, while colocation is like an empty room where the company can store its own equipment. Both mediums offer internet connectivity, are highly reliable and are therefore of value to a business’s operation. Instead of viewing the them as competing solutions, and suggesting one as being the right fit for the business, vendors can offer their clients both options as a solution.

Using Both to Offer a Better Solution

Colocation is the preferred choice among larger companies for the housing of their computer rooms. They love the platform because it facilitates flexibility for growth and change. This allows them to expand the volume of their physical hardware without the risk of losing their present level of administrative security. What many fail to realize is that cloud computing and colocation are in many ways a natural match. The reliability of both platforms is very high, and they can be used to support each other while increasing the businesses IT security. Cloud computing is vulnerable to threats such as power outages, lax security and faulty or sub-par data links. This underscores the need for a company to have a backup plan. They should ensure their data is hosted by a colocation provider that can offer some guarantee in these areas.

Due to the fact that cloud computing enhances colocation, it makes perfect sense to for a company to store some of its business data on both applications. The benefits will be proven over the long term as it is a means of diversifying the storage of their data, and mitigating against unforeseen risks. With the continued evolution and increased advantages of cloud computing, businesses that have data stored on the cloud stand to benefit from its improvements in security and compliance.

Ted Romberg is an IT professional with more than ten years of experience in the field. In his spare time, he enjoys writing about various business-related tech subjects on a number of blog sites around the web. For more information about cloud computing and colocation services, visit On Ramp.


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