HomeKit Koogeek P1 Smart Plug: Inspiraion for Life

Introducing HomeKit Koogeek P1 Smart Plug HomeKit is one of Apple’s dominant marketing strategies to streamline smart home appliances. The word “home” refers to home automation, whereas “kit” stands for software developer kit (SDK). HomeKit intends to introduce new ideas for smart accessories to be communicated and controlled from various product categories like speakers, detectors, […]

9 Ways to Keep Your Home Secure

There could surely be few things more distressing than to be the victim of a burglary. The knowledge that an intruder has been in your home could potentially be every bit as traumatising as discovering the loss of cash and valuable items. It is for these very reasons that you should do everything in your […]

5 BYOD protocols you should have at your office

Bring your own device, or BYOD, is a widely accepted policy though it is not without its caveats. Any company who implements it needs to ensure that certain protocols are put in place so as to avoid legal, ethical and security issues later on. Here are the most common protocols that should be applied in […]

Websites Are Facilitating The Conversion Of Youtube Videos To Mp3

Nowadays thousands of people are watching videos on YouTube and more and more business persons are opting to participate in video marketing by appearing in their ownYouTube videos.YouTubeis a hub of unique videos and according to a survey by 2050, we will become so much dependent on videos that a person will take five years […]

Five of the Best TVs Under £1,000

Image Source There are a lot of great TVs available on the market now, though it seems some of them will set your wallet back a few years. There are, however, cheaper options available out there. And believe me, you don’t have to sacrifice quality to find them! Let’s take a look at a few […]

How To Relocate Your Office

Relocating can be very stressful, but there are so many things you can do ahead of time in order to make your relocating experience smooth and easy. If you intend to relocate your office whether big or small, then this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss detailed steps on how to […]