The Future of Virtual Adoption

VR or Virtual reality is still trying to warrant its reputation as the upcoming big thing, but there is a very familiar use case commanding the nascent developer space. People constantly say that the top indicator of technological adoption is that the adult industry.  While that might have been true throughout the Betamax versus the […]

Launching of PlayStation 4

For those who like gaming, play station 4 is just about the coolest gaming platform available in the market today. For starters, the play station brand has been the legendary gaming option over a long period of time. Void of the fact that the brand enjoys an almost monopolistic stake in the market, the management […]

What’s Google doing with gaming?

Late in 2012, Google worked with Niantic to create a game called Ingress (which means entrance). Ingress is described as a world in which two shadowy sides are vying for dominance: the Enlightened, who are trying to establish portals around the world that will let them control people’s minds, and the Resistance, who are trying […]

Follow these tips to Get the best Home Gaming Experience

Gaming is not for kids anymore, especially if we were to take into account the complexity of today’s video games. Thousands of grown-ups are passionate players on different gaming consoles like the Xbox or the PlayStation. Families are realizing that their children are obsessed with gaming. And what can be done in this situation? They […]