How Guest Posting Can Help after Penguin 2.1?

Google’s algorithm updates have revolutionized the SEO industry. In an effort to improve their own search engine services however, Google also affected the livelihood of many people who rely on search engine traffic for their online businesses. Image Source In the past, links have been the primary factor that Google uses to determine the order […]

Google Announces Nexus 5 With a Latest Android Update

Image Source With a leak of the next Google Nexus on the google play store accidently, Google has confirmed the soon-to-be launch of the Google Nexus 5. Although, the phone was listed on the playstore only for a brief period, it cleared many doubts and mysteries revolving around the Nexus 5.Google Nexus is a series […]

Managing Online Reputation: 5 Easy Ways

In today’s world, it has become very important to manage online reputation of enterprises carefully. Whether it is a small or a large scale company, it is vital that online reputation posed in front of such a large audience is done with care. Being referred to as ‘public relations’ in the past, online reputation is […]

How To Add Business In Google

If you provide your business service only within your local area or even outside, you may take advantage of Google business listing to grab your audience because Google search result give priority to local place business first for that particular area. For ex.  If you search for taxi service in Delhi, you will get result […]