Hassle free way to quit smoking

As soon as people start paying attention to health, they will just have a look at the habits that hamper health. if you are a good smoker, then this just remains the big reason for degradation of health. The effects of smoking are not as quick as you think. They are slow but will have […]

Should You Become A Blogger

Most people are familiar with the term “blogger”. It is essentially a person that has their own blog (web log) where they post content on a regular or infrequent basis covering one or more topics. Many businesses and organisations have their own official blogs, where representatives may post up information on news, reviews or even […]

Blogging & Students: All Pros and Cons

Image Source Here are a few pros and cons of blogging if you are a student. These are not pros and cons of blogging, but pros and cons of blogging if you are a student. All students have a few things in common, such as many of them having limited time due to studying, and […]

Important Tips in Blogging – Gathering a Wide Audience

The internet has given a lot of opportunities for people to make money online. This is a good chance for those who did not find their luck in the job market. Blogging is one of the sure-fire ways of earning money online. If you choose a career to become a skilled blogger you have the […]

2013 Bible social media

The 2013 Bible: Getting a Job Using Social Media

In today’s tough economy, job seekers need to marshal every tool available in the search for employment. Social media is rapidly growing as a way to recruit new employees as well as for potential employees to reach out to companies. But how is social media best utilized to find a new job? 1. LinkedIn – […]

dofollow blog list

Biggest List of 5000+ Commentluv Enabled + Do-follow High PR Blog List

More than 5000 Do Follow Blog List (High PR, High Quality & Moderated Blogs) Commentluv Enabled   I have been researching for high quality and well moderated blogs to get some traffic and link juice. We all know, Since Google Panda/penguin update we can’t get even single link from penalized sites. Well, that bad news […]

Finding the perfect Jewellery shop; the four services they should provide!

When you are buying jewellery there are many factors you need to consider when determining which jewellery shop to buy it from. After all, this requires so much more than simply selecting a piece of jewellery you like. When you are spending your money you need to be safe in the knowledge that there is […]

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