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Borrowed Capital to Invest

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Borrowed Capital to Invest

admin January 28, 2014

401(k) is one of the most widely opted loan programs. A majority of this loan program enables account holders to obtain a loan from the balance of their account. All personal loans for people with bad credit that come under this category have to be paid back like any other conventional loan, but the money obtained from this loan program can be used for any purpose of the account holder. There are certain account holders who take out the loan, also known as borrowed capital, to make investments of other types, like a stock or a home, which has become an evolving trend.

What is Borrowed Capital?

Borrowed capital is basically the funds that you borrow from a financial institution or an individual. It can be utilized in a number of ways. Borrowed capital is used by investors to improve the returns of their prospective investment, which is commonly referred to as leveraging or leverage. The major advantage associated with using your borrowed capital for making investments is that you can possibly enjoy higher percentage gains. The downfall is the risk of losing the money of somebody else, which you will have to pay back eventually. Borrowed capital is also known as loan capital.

In general, investors make use of borrowed capital or loan capital when they trade in the forex markets. This leverage trading is considered to be a risky option by experts. However, there are also supporters who claim that this risk can be minimized by investors if they take proper preventive measures, like placing stops.


You can leverage by doing one of the following:

  • Taking out a installment loan from a bank. If you are required to secure or back up the loan, then you may use your home equity as security. However, if you place your equity as security for the loan, you will be forced to sell your home, in case your investment ends up in a loss.
  • Borrow money by way of a brokerage company, which is referred to as buying on margin. In this case, if you happen to lose your investment, you will be required to place more of your money in your account in order to cover for the losses you face. Therefore, if you choose to go for this option, it is better that you have a backup plan in mind for handling this issue.
  • Try short selling. This means that you will purchase shares of any stock of your choice from the brokerage company, and sell the same for its present market value. If the market value of the share falls, you will purchase it back for the lower price, and then give it back to the firm. However, if the price of your shares rise in value, then you will obviously end up in loss, as you will have to pay additional money to buy back the shares and return them back to the brokerage company.

Before you choose to borrow to invest, make sure that you are well aware of the fundamentals of borrowing and proceed only after you have a complete understanding of the same.


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