Biggest List of 5000+ Commentluv Enabled + Do-follow High PR Blog List

dofollow blog list

More than 5000 Do Follow Blog List (High PR, High Quality & Moderated Blogs) Commentluv Enabled


I have been researching for high quality and well moderated blogs to get some traffic and link juice. We all know, Since Google Panda/penguin update we can’t get even single link from penalized sites. Well, that bad news for me that I’m also got hit by penguin update but it’s okay because now Google has launched a Disavow Tool that help us to remove bad links easily.

But one question still exist “Where to and how to get quality backlinks”, The answer is not easy, even I think that every link we create are artificial and Google know that 🙂 . Any ways what we can do is, at least avoid the spamming and get relevant backlinks from real websites/blogs. Thanks Commentluv to give us a such as great tool that allow visitor to get some benefit by commenting on others blogs

Well, Yes. I agreed that most of commentluv Enabled blogs are real and well moderated resources to get great traffic and link juice. I invest more than 3 months to develop this list  which has more than 5000 do follow blogs which are really great for SEO, branding and traffic benifits


I’m Sorry, I can’t invest more time to short this list by PR, DA etc.. aahhh of course do it your self guys 🙂 . Enjoy the pre made food food with watching TV


DoFollow Blog List (updated 11 January 2013)

Some More Do Follow Blogs To Download

Google Page Rank 6 Commentluv Enabled Blogs — Commenting on high page (Click to Download)
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Google Page Rank 4 Commentluv Enabled Blogs (Click to Download)
Google Page rank 3 Commentluv Enabled blogs (Click to Download)
Google Page Rank 2 Commentluv Enabled Blogs to Download)


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